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How a Single Useless Blog Post Can Ruin Your Reputation

I have not been very regular with my blog posts as usual and one of the major reason for the same is that I don’t like to post useless blog […]

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How I Lost my Blog and Here’s to a New Beginning

Let me start this post with the bad news first. My 6 years old blog SEO-KOLKATA.BLOGSPOT.COM has been deleted by Google and is available no more. Now the Good News […]

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Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009 – Review

As mentioned in my last blog post I was in Kolkata to attend the Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009 and what an experience it was! It would be a big lie […]

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Kolkata Blogger Meet 2009

Kolkata being my home town I have always had the soft corner for it and every time I attended a search conference / barcamp / wordcamp etc I thought why […]

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HTML Color Codes Chart – How To Find Hexadecimal Color Code

I have always advocated the use of Notepad for people willing to learn HTML properly and recently one of my cousins who have just started learning HTML and is diligently […]

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How to Create Custom 404 Error Page

In my last article I discussed about the various reasons for which a website can throw a 404 error. While they are largely avoidable, with a little effort we can […]

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Causes for 404 Error Code and Solutions

This morning I received an email from one of my blog readers who is a bit disappointed by the overwhelming number of 404 error code that shows in his server […]

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How To Integrate Twitter With Blogs ?

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular micro-blogging platform today and is extremely popular among bloggers, internet marketers and other web savvy people. Twitter has also been an effective source in […]

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Live Blogging for Search Camp 2009

** Added on 1st March, 2009 Arrived a little late at Search Camp. Stephen from Net concept is giving a presentation on SEO through video conferencing. The slides look a […]

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Moving Feeds from Feedburner to Google

Google took over Feedburner around June 2007 and now they require all Feedburner accounts to move over to Google account. Today when I logged in to my Feedburner account it […]