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Marketing Framework & Hacking Beyond it – My Deck from DigitalFest, Hyderabad

This days I rarely get the time to make a post on this blog but every time I speak at a conference I make it a point to post my […]

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5 Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2014

This post is written by Ankita Katuri, a friend and ex-colleague, who recently attended Inbound 2014 in Boston. Inbound 2014 is one of the most reputed and highly attended conference […]

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Personal Branding in Social Media for Photographers

Though not a photographer, it feels great to be invited to a photographer’s event and that too at my hometown in Kolkata 🙂 The last weekend Kolkata experienced a first […]

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Why Copying your Competitor’s Website is a Bad Idea

Competitor analysis is an integral part of any marketing campaign and coming from a Search Marketing background I can vouch for how effective it could be to analyse your competitor’s […]

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Selective Tweets from AdTech India

Tweets from AdTech Asians r rebuilding internet. Cricket searches surpass baseball. Google at #adtechin. pic.twitter.com/nRCfRTXL3a – @deepalinaair Asian developers lead Google play for app revenues! @ktemsamani #adtechIN – @Naina WOOHOO!!! […]

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Isn’t Online Audience Optimization ( OAO ) Just Another Acronym for Good SEO ?

I typically avoid those “SEO is Dead” articles that keeps floating up in the social feeds on and off, however, recently one of them caught my attention with the mention […]

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My Content Marketing Presentation at Digital Marketing Summit Hyderabad

iDoneSEO a 2000 people strong Facebook community organized a Digital Marketing Summit today in Hyderabad and fortunately I was invited to be a speaker. It was a nice crowd to […]

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A Dirty Guide to Crush Your Online Competition Silently

I am not an MBA grad nor did I try getting close to becoming one. But as a curious geek Internet marketer I have always enjoyed both shrewd and smart […]

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7 Points Internet Marketers Should Consider in 2011

A very Happy New Year to all the readers! Now that we have all stepped into 2011, it’s the season for predictions on every possible aspect and I thought I […]

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3 SEO Predictions for 2011

First of all a very Happy New Year to all my readers! May this New Year bring in a lot of SEO and Internet marketing success for all of you! […]