13.11.2010 in Digital Marketing, Google Adwords by 7

Does Google Bend Their Rules for Brands ?

There has always been a rumor that Google tends to offer some special privilege to the big brands – may it be in organic listings or paid search. While I […]

10.06.2010 in SEO, Digital Marketing by 7

Height of SEO or a Google Screw Up ?

Well, am still undecided! Searched for the keyword Symbiosis Distance MBA in Google and the first result was a hard core p**n site. And further even without clicking on the […]

25.02.2010 in Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing by 1

Mobile Marketing – Much More Than SMS Spamming

There is no need to mention that digital marketing is a highly dynamic field and with the advancement of technology marketers are finding newer ways to leverage it to reach […]

31.12.2009 in Digital Marketing by 2

15 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2010

Its been pretty long that I have a made a post here, so now that we are on the last day of 2009 and are all set to welcome the […]

30.10.2009 in Social Media, Digital Marketing by 1

Are you Ready for Social Commerce ?

Isn’t it extremely common to ask your family and friend’s for suggestions before buying any product ? It has been so for ages and now with the increasing use of […]

30.10.2009 in Digital Marketing by 4

Thisman.org – The Mystery Exposed

I came across a news on Yahoo yesterday and found out that the web has got a new buzz about a mysterious man who seems to appear in the dreams […]

16.10.2009 in Digital Marketing by 2

Google Recommends Reputation Management

A few days back I wrote about some reputation management tips keeping in mind the increasing demand of this service and now we have a formal recommendation from Google also […]

20.09.2009 in Digital Marketing by 2

10 Ways for Online Search Reputation Management

It is becoming increasingly important for brands (corporations or even individuals) to monitor their web presence. With the increasing growth of social media platforms, the power is in the hands […]

23.08.2009 in Digital Marketing by 0

CPA Networks from Publishers Perspective

This is actually an extension to my last post on CPA networks. While CPA networks are great for advertisers they are also a great source of revenue for publishers. Many […]

23.08.2009 in Digital Marketing by 2

CPA Networks in Internet Marketing Mix

Internet marketing includes a lot of different types of activities, it is not just SEO, not just PPC or display banners; a proper Internet marketing strategy would in most cases […]