07.12.2009 in Google Adwords, SEO by 2

Page Load Time a Part of Google Algo ?

It has often been argued in the SEO world whether or not page load time affects your organic ranking. While there has been no definitive statement from the search engines [...]

19.10.2009 in Google Adwords, Paid Search by 3

How Excel Pivot Tables Can Help in Your SEM Campaign

Excel is probably one of the most powerful applications that we use day in and day out, often without realizing its full potential. For all search marketing professionals and particularly [...]

07.10.2009 in Google Adwords by 2

Google Adwords Promotion for Indian Advertisers

In their attempt to penetrate the Indian SMB market Google Adwords have decided to offer a free advertising credit of Rs.2500 for Indian advertisers ( small businesses) who have an [...]

05.07.2009 in Google Adwords, Paid Search by 3

Strange Ad Copy for Google Adwords

Today I came across an absolutely strange Adwords ad in my Gmail interface. I am absolutely clueless why would any advertiser put up an ad like that and even if [...]

27.03.2009 in Google Adwords by 1

New Adwords Interface Soon To Be Launched

Google Adwords is undoubtedly the most popular PPC platform. Over the years Google Adwords interface has undergone a lot of changes and from the extremely simplistic design it is now [...]

15.03.2009 in Google Adwords, Google analytics by 2

How to Imporve Adwords Campaign with Analytics

For most businesses and clients who run an Adwords campaign one of the key parameters based on which they tend to judge the success of the campaign is clicks or [...]

21.01.2009 in Digital Marketing, Google Adwords by 0

Create Google TV Ads For Free

Besides web Google has been offering TV ads for considerable time now, however, one reason that the service has probably not become that popular is due to the difficulty of [...]

02.11.2008 in Google Adwords by 2

Google Updates Adwords Quality Score Again

Google has reported in its Adwords blog that two new changes are coming to the Adwords quality score very soon. First, change is to make the quality score calculation score [...]

12.08.2008 in Google Adwords by 1

Adwords Ads Shows 5 Lines of Text

This morning I noticed that Google Adwords ads are showing 5 lines of text in some cases instead of typical 4 line Adwords ads. The 5th line would mention a [...]

20.06.2008 in Google Adwords by 0

Adwords Quality Score Includes Page Load Time

Google officially announced that page load time would be considered as a factor in Quality score of landing page for Adwords. Google used to base their Adwords quality score mainly [...]