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How to Track Google Algorithm Updates

It’s been pretty long that I wrote something on SEO, though this blog was started as a SEO blog long back on good old Blogspot ( seo-kolkata.blogspot.com – doesn’t exist […]

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SEMrush Review : The Best Keyword Research Tool & More

SEMRush just won the US Search Awards 2017 Best SEO Software Suite! I have been using SEMRush for years now and the tool have never failed to impress me. While […]

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Why Google Adwords Keyword Planner is Not The Best Anymore ?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is probably the first tool every SEO and search marketers turns to when they think about keyword research. While Google has been incredibly helpful in providing […]

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What Keywords Are My Competitors Using – This is How You Can Find

Competitor analysis is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy and when it comes to search marketing knowing what keywords your competitors are using could just […]

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Google Asking Feedback on Search Result Quality

Asking customer / user feedback can play a major role in improving any product and that has been proven time and again. And now, Google has started endorsing the  same […]

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Google Screws Up with President of India

I couldn’t believe my eyes ! I saw this first on Facebook but thought it would be another of those Photoshopped pranks but then thought to check it out myself […]

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Why You Don’t Need Keyword Rich SEO Content Writing

“Content is king” – this cliché phrase has been beaten to death by any one and everyone in the SEO industry and to take this a step further SEO consultants […]

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SEO- 2014 and Beyond – my presentation from Digital Marketing Summit

This last Saturday, 15th Feb, 2014 we had the second edition of Digital Marketing Summit in Hyderabad. I was invited as a speaker and my topic for the day was […]

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Isn’t Online Audience Optimization ( OAO ) Just Another Acronym for Good SEO ?

I typically avoid those “SEO is Dead” articles that keeps floating up in the social feeds on and off, however, recently one of them caught my attention with the mention […]

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How to Optimize Your Thank You Page Design to Increase User Engagement

We all run our marketing campaigns with certain objectives – we want users to buy our products, fill up a lead form, download our white papers, subscribe to our feed […]