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A Dirty Guide to Crush Your Online Competition Silently

I am not an MBA grad nor did I try getting close to becoming one. But as a curious geek Internet marketer I have always enjoyed both shrewd and smart [...]

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Does Google Pass Credits Even if You Do Not Do 301 While Moving a Website?

Most people would have a clear answer, “No”, if you want your link and ranking credits to be passed on to your new URLs while moving a site you must [...]

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Matt Cutts Reveals How to Rank #1 in Google

Ranking no. 1 in Google for targeted keywords is definitely the dream and objective of any and every SEO consultant, however, it has never been easy and particularly so in [...]

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Google May Discount Infographic Links in Future ! Ridiculous.

Last week in an interview with Eric Enge, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google might discount Infographic links in future. To quote Matt, “if at some point in the future we [...]

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SEO Infographic- How Big is the SEO Industry

While I have been a big fan of infographics I haven’t posted any SEO infographic on this blog so far. This is the first SEO infographic, created by the guys [...]

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Google’s 40 New Challenges/Opportunities for SEO Consultants

Well no posts for 6 months but finally here I am writing a post and this is purely motivated by Google rolling out 40 changes in the month of February. [...]

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Stick Google Plus Buttons on your Pages or Your Search Traffic Dies

The day Google launched the Plus One ( +1) buttons, I was having a meeting with our SEO team at [x]cube and I said Plus One is definitely going to [...]

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SES San Francisco Live Coverage

SES San Francsico starts today and I will be attending all the three days. If you are interested in a live coverage follow me on twitter @rishi3211us . Will probably [...]

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SEO Jokes – A Collection of 30 Jokes That Only SEO’s Can Appreciate

Though SEO is a very serious aspect of any business’s marketing strategy, we SEOs are mostly nice people with a good sense of humor. In our day to day job [...]

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Why Content is King – Though You Can’t Build the Empire without Links

In this blog though I have written on a wide variety of SEO topics including a bunch of link building techniques and tips I have rarely talked about Page Rank. [...]