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ExactFactor – A Simple SEO Tool with Potential

I think for most professional SEO consultants one of the main challenges is to create monthly reports for account activities, and search engine rankings for their client websites. While most […]

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Google Home Page – Evolution From 1998 to 2008

Google is finally celebrating its 10th birthday and here is a glimpse at how the Google home page has evolved from 1998 to 2008. Read more on SEO at SEO […]

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Google Image Search Questions Answered

Way back I wrote an article about a small experiment that I did on Google’s image search. Recently Evan from Google has answered a few questions of a webmaster in […]

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Google Algorithm Starts Looking at Synonymous Words

I read a post today in the Official Google blog that actually made me think if this is a hint at how Google search results are going to change in […]

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Lijit – This Guys Are Different !

Not sure how many of you have already heard of Lijit or tried using it but for those who have not, here’s an introduction. Over the last few years we […]

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Knol – Wikipedia Replacement from Google ?

Google finally launched Knol on July 23rd after a long testing period. Knol is a Google product that would allow users to create pages of knowledge on any topic they […]

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Penalties For Duplicate Content Issues

A phenomenal truth for ranking good in the SE’s is feeding them with unique and quality content. Search Engines are always in search of good content related to your business […]

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Some Basics of SEO

Basics Of Search Engine Optimization What are Search Engines? Search Engines are Websites that enables users to search for information on the internet based on the keywords that they provide. […]