09.02.2009 in Social Media, Case Study by 2

Dell Boosts Revenue With Twitter

Corporates using social media to bolster their sales and brand names is no longer a big news. There are many who have been using various social media platforms to their […]

19.01.2009 in Social Media by 0

Facebook Sacrifices Burger King Application

Last week Facebook decided to remove one of the insanely popular Facebook applications sighting privacy issues. The Burger King application offered a free whopper to every Facebook users who sacrificed […]

14.01.2009 in Social Media, Other by 0

Britney Spears Hiring Social Media Manager

We have all observed that celebrities are becoming increasingly conscious about their online media presence and social media is definitely one of the key areas that they want to keep […]

14.07.2008 in Social Media by 3

Facebook Song With Lyrics – Enjoy!

Enjoy the Facebook song. The Facebook song lyrics is shown in subtitle so you can sing along. This Facebook song is actually a parody of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start […]