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Facebook Song With Lyrics – Enjoy!

Enjoy the Facebook song. The Facebook song lyrics is shown in subtitle so you can sing along.

This Facebook song is actually a parody of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and the lyrics are really funny !

This is referred to as Facebook Anthem and has so far gained more than 5 million views ( 5,781,708)

However, this is not the most popular Facebook song. There is this other Facebook song by Rhett & Link that has a massive 12 million plus views to date. The song is peppy and fun..however, this song does not have the lyrics in subtitle.

Enjoy !

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  • Deeps
    14.07.2008 7:43 am Reply

    Neat post 😉

    and for the application lovers !
    For the last time i say ..
    “I DONOT WANT TO BE UR PET !” nor do i wana knw Which Shoe I am ! coz Flash news !!

    We are Humans ! We r not Sneakers or Sandals or Crocs !!!

  • Ranadeep
    14.07.2008 8:01 am Reply

    I dont know who made that parody but its probably one of the best Billy Joel parodies I’ve come across. About Facebook, well it seems to be hitting up a lot of craze at the moment and driving a lotta people crazy too…I wonder is it already time it headed the same downward slope as Bebo and MySpace? With more and more commercialization…it should!

  • 20.09.2008 4:21 am Reply

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