Google Adds New Dimension to Site Links

By digitalSRC
Mar 10th, 2008

While more and more webmasters has been trying to establish authority of their website and lusting over those bunch of site links that Google provides on authority results – Google makes it more lucrative now with addition of site search to its site links.

For those of you who do not know what site links are – When you search for some prominent terms you might find some authority website show up as the first result on Google, along with a bunch of links to the various important pages on that site.

Now, if your site has an internal search application, Google offers the search functionality also on the search listing itself- complete with a search box and a tab that says Search . Practically allowing the visitors to use search function of another website from itself. I am sure this will increase the hit counts for those lucky sites to large extent.

However, this is not an uniform process and is visible only for certain websites and not for all. I have noticed this on search for Dictionary , TimesofIndia and a few other keywords.

Here’s a Screenshot for you to see.. ( click to enlarge)

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