Google Bus to Introduce Internet to New Users in India

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Feb 5th, 2009

Google has launched its “The Internet Bus” project in India to educate offline population about the benefit of Internet. As the name suggests this is a bus with Internet connection and fitted with multiple computers. This bus would travel through various cities in India where the offline mass would have a chance to experience Internet by themselves and realize the benefits of using Internet.

The bus has started from Chennai on 3rd of February and would travel through various towns and cities in Tamilnadu throughout the month of February. The final destination would be Tuticorin on February 27th.

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Google provides detailed information about Google Bus at and they would be updating the route further. There is also an Orkut community being set up to spread the word.

This is an extremely good step taken by Google and while it is beneficial for those uninitiated to the world of Internet, it would also help in spreading the Google brand name further even to the typically offline mass ( which is a substantial figure considering Indian population) and the more people know about Internet and start using it, they can definitely not keep away from Google. In other words this philanthropic activity of Google would actually be effective for them in building more users for themselves.

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