Google Updates Adwords Quality Score Again

By digitalSRC
In Google Adwords
Nov 2nd, 2008
Google has reported in its Adwords blog that two new changes are coming to the Adwords quality score very soon.
First, change is to make the quality score calculation score an ad’s CTR based on the ad’s position. This is not a completely new change though as Google has always normalized  the CTR based on ad position. However, now they are updating the existing technology that they have already been using for calculating ad positions. They will be using fresher and more updated data that will ensure greater accuracy of the Adwords quality score.
The second change is about how some ads are promoted to the top position. They are changing the formula that they used to move an ad from the right side of the page to the listings on top of the organic results. Earlier if an ad in the first position did not meet the promotion quality requirements but an ad in the second position did meet the threshold, the second ad would not be promoted. With the new changes in place, these ads will be able to jump above the ad in first position and promoted to the top position.
With these two changes ( particularly the second one) coming into play advertisers would need to concentrate more on the the ad copies and their promotional qualities.
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