Google’s 11th Birthday Logo – September 27th 2009

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Sep 27th, 2009

On Google’s 11th birthday, 27th September 2009 Google gets a new logo with two “l” . If you have missed it on Sunday, see the logo below.

Google 11th Birthday LogoGoogle’s birthday has moved around across many dates in September and it has often been debated how old is this search giant. While some count it to be as old as 12 years old, some tend to believe it is just 9. Actually Google’s birthday depends on your perspective of what you consider to be the birth of Google.

Given below are few different perspective for Google’s birthday.

Google – 13 years old
January 1996 – This is when Sergey Brin and Lary Page were working on Backrub, which later became Google.

Google – 12 years old
September 15, 1997 – This is when he domain was registered ( as per AFP)

Google – 11 year old
September 7, 1998 – When Google was probably officially incorporated

September 27, 1998 – The current official date. Back in 2005 Google announced this date to be their official birthday.

What’s so Google-ish in Google’s Birthday ?

Google has always been a little different from everyone else around in whatever they do and their birthday is no exception. They did an announcement in 2006 where they mentioned that Google’s birthday could be anytime they want it to be. To be more specific, the page said,

“Google opened its doors in September 1998. The exact date when we celebrate our birthday has moved around over the years, depending on when people feel like having cake. For more on Google’s history:”


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