My Areas of Expertise as a Digital Marketing Consultant

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SEO Consulting

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Content Marketing

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Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you have reached this page, you are either actively looking to hire someone for your SEO, PPC or other online marketing needs or you might be curious as to what I can offer. Let me try to outline what are the different services I offer..

a) SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Consultant
SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most commonly sought after services and I get a lot of request for SEO services from small business clients. I offer complete SEO services and undertake only medium to long term contracts ( minimum 3-4 months) as that is the bare minimum time required to show any result from SEO services. I have had a very strong record of SEO success and you can see some of my previous SEO Rankings here.

b) One Time SEO Audit
For some clients who are technically savvy but not very pro with SEO, I do offer a one time SEO audit service in which I provide a thorough audit of their website and a detailed documentation on how their website is placed in regards to various SEO factors and what are the steps for improvement. The same document also contains a step by step approach to SEO, which works as a guideline to implement the SEO recommendations properly. In addition, I also provide a top level keyword research document along with this. The whole process is manually done and each document is different – this is NOT one of those ready made tool generated SEO reports. The turn around time is typically 7 days and the cost is $100 / INR 5000.

c) Paid Search / Adwords Consultant
If you are looking for help with managing your Google Adwords account or overall paid search marketing including other platforms like Bing Adcenter, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads etc – I do offer the same services. I provide complete end to end service for Adwords campaign management, right from keywords research and setting up the campaign to regular monitoring, optimization and reporting. While not strictly a part of campaign management, I do try to help my clients with optimizing their landing pages for better conversion and getting better ROI from their Adwords campaign ( and also with configuring Google Analytics). You can read a Case Study on my success as an Adwords consultant.

d) Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant
With 11 years of experience in the digital marketing space and having worked on almost all the different digital marketing channels for a myriad of clients, puts me in a position of advantage to offer digital marketing strategy consultancy for those clients who wants to leverage multiple channels and have an integrated strategy to make the most of digital marketing. These are typically long term contract where I actively work with the client and his team to create a long term digital strategy, leveraging multiple channels and depending on the client’s requirement can also help with the execution of such strategy.

e) Others ( for the lack of a better name)
Yes, there are various other one off services that I provide to many businesses and there is no way to classify them. I have worked for clients looking for help with Google Analytics implementation, I have helped numerous clients with conversion optimization, email marketing campaigns,  I have helped clients with landing page designs, I have even helped clients to develop complete websites and e-businesses. If you have a requirement in the digital space, I might have a solution for that. No harm asking, drop me an email.

If the content in my blog hasn’t convinced you of my abilities, here are few things that you might want to look at :

OK, so now if  you are ready to talk business, let’s connect.