How to Optimize Videos in You Tube

By digitalSRC
May 5th, 2009

We always talk about Google and how much traffic Google search can drive to our website but how much time do we spend on thinking how we can use the various other Google channels to drive traffic? Besides the web search Google provides various other search channels that can drive an equal amount of traffic and one such highly potent traffic driver is YouTube.

Trust me YouTube can drive enough traffic to your site to get your servers to crash. Many of us post videos to YouTube but never bother to optimize them and some of us don’t even care to add videos to YouTube.

Take my words for it, if you know how to optimize for YouTube it can be a great source for good traffic. In this article we will look at some tips for optimizing for You Tube.

a) Use a proper Title for the video. Do a little keyword research before you write the title, make sure it makes sense and yet contains the keywords. Make it Short and Crisp.

b) Write a Description that is actually descriptive. Keep in mind that search engine’s can’t read video content, so this description would help it understand the video.
c) Use the word “Video” in Title and Description. People often search for keywords with the word “video” as a suffix

d)Do not disable comments. Enable all the features like video responses, ratings, embedding, syndication etc to encourage community participation. Reply to comments if applicable

e)Add applicable tags for the video

f) Add a link to your website in the description

g) Make sure you mention your link in the video at the end of the show, particularly if it is a teaser

h)Embed the video in external websites wherever applicable

i) Add a few links from external websites to the video page with suitable keyword anchor text

Why Should You Do All These ?

a) Traffic from YouTube

b) With the Universal Search being adopted by all major engines, if you can optimize your video properly it might rank for competitive keyword. Now think what does that mean ? It means you will basically have an image/video placement on Google ( because Google displays video thumbnails in SERP ) or your target keywords while your competitors would have the normal listing and we all know how much more attractive images can be compared to those stale text search results.

Here is an example…

You Tube Video Optimization

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6 Comments to “How to Optimize Videos in You Tube”

  1. Madhu says:

    I read about adding the analytics code to YouTube to track visitors viewing the video. Though the article did not mention on how to embed the code to youtube.
    Do you have any idea on this?
    I want to optimize my product channel in youtube.
    Your inputs on this channel please.

  2. seo-kolkata says:

    I haven’t come across any option for inserting analytics code to YouTube videos yet, however, if you would like to track your Video views and related statistics you can use YouTube Insight which gives a details stats on visitors, where they are coming from and other related information.

    To access Insights, go to “My Videos” and then to “About This Video” – from there on you can navigate to see the detailed statistics.

    I saw your channel and to be honest with you , I would just rate it as average. The background you have used is not something that is going with the design. Also there is no brand communication in the background. There are also other smaller issues that you can work on to improve further.

  3. Thanks for all the tips. Optimizing videos are really helpful in driving traffic to your site.

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