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New Feature in Google Search

Google has been doing this for a long time in Blog Search but I have never seen this before on the main Google search. Google is listing results in accordance to time line and it also gives user the option to view results from their choice of time line. The picture below makes it clear.

Google Search Engine

Also, I noticed that this feature is not available for all searches. The combo box for timlines is visible for certain searches and for other searches it disappears.

Sure, this is another of those little games Google keep on playing, now it is to be seen if this becomes a regular feature or not. Also, this once again endorses Google’s love for fresh content.

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  • 01.01.2008 2:42 pm Reply

    Can you post a bigger screenshot. Can’t see anything on this one. Also, please post more details about on which searches you noticed this…

  • 01.01.2008 3:00 pm Reply

    I have linked the thumbnail to a bigger image now 🙂