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This Guy Read About ClickBait and You Wont Believe What He Did Next

Seriously marketers come up with one trick after the other and the unsuspecting users fall prey to it. I have been observing the irresistibly click-able articles on my time line for last couple weeks and spending some good time on sites like Viral Nova and Upworthy. I knew about optimizing content for clicks, however it is only after reading this Econsultancy report on Click Bait and few other I realized the elaborate plan that goes behind it

So what did I do ?

Why this image ? Because I liked it and I felt the apparent mismatch between the headline and the photo might make readers even more curious to click.

Why this image ? Because I liked it and I felt the apparent mismatch between the headline and the photo might make readers even more curious to click.The image has been taken from runawayjuno.com

Though most of the time I like to post quality content on my blog, I just thought of trying out the clickbait trick here on this post and see how many people actually clicks. Does clickbait work for marketing blogs ? Well, will know after a week! You can bookmark this post as I plan to update the post after a week and again after a month with the number of visits it received in all.

If you are feeling bad about reading this post ( feeling tricked?), consider that this is just an experiment and your participation is appreciated. Also, there’s plenty of good quality articles in this blog on different subjects like SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing, Social Media etc.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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SEO- 2014 and Beyond – my presentation from Digital Marketing Summit

This last Saturday, 15th Feb, 2014 we had the second edition of Digital Marketing Summit in Hyderabad. I was invited as a speaker and my topic for the day was “SEO – 2014 and Beyond”. Some usual faces and many unknown, but overall it was a good day talking to people from the industry and also a lot of small businesses looking to leverage digital marketing. For those of you interested , given below is a copy of my presentation from the summit, showcasing some of the trends that are bound to affect SEO in 2014 and the days to come.

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Isn’t Online Audience Optimization ( OAO ) Just Another Acronym for Good SEO ?

I typically avoid those “SEO is Dead” articles that keeps floating up in the social feeds on and off, however, recently one of them caught my attention with the mention of  “Long Live OAO”.  “Wow! Another shiny new acronym to throw around in every conversation”, I thought and went on to read it. And of course I didn’t want to be left out on the latest digital marketing trend that is supposedly going to replace SEO.

So I read on and here is a summary of what I found…. Read More >>

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Backlink XXX Review Part 2 -From My Personal Experience

UPDATED : 6th July, 2016
BacklinkXXX is no longer available and this post is no longer useful. However, if you are looking for useful tools for your SEO, I would recommend you try SEMRushSEMRush is not just about Link building, rather it is a complete tool that provides a lot of valuable data on both SEO and paid search. The tool is focussed more on competitor analysis and can provide some really cool data on competitior backlinks and keyword data.


A couple months back I posted a review of Backlink XXX and did mention that I am using it personally and promised a follow up post. While it took me a little too long to do this posts due to other priorities but I finally had a chance to finish the core part of the Backlink XXX videos and thought will quickly put up this post based on my findings. They do have some bonus sections too, which I am yet to go through and will post an update on the same once I finish those. But for now..

After going through the entire content of Backlink XXX I have no doubt that this could be very useful for most SEO s , while most of the link building techniques shown in Backlink XXX are probably known to advanced and Senior SEO guys, there is a lot more than just link building techniques in BacklinkXXX. People who are relatively new to the SEO space would definitely find the techniques extremely useful and easy to implement but as mentioned there is also a lot of take away for many experienced SEO guys.

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Got my Google Analytics Certification

Came across the certification course on Google Analytics offered by Google Analytics Academy in Facebook and decided to take a look. The course consists of 6 different units with multiple videos within each of them followed by a final exam. Though the course is pretty well designed and covers most of the aspects of Google analytics, I watched a couple of videos randomly from the various lessons and there was not much new for me. So I decided to jump to the exam directly and Voila ! 10 Minutes later I got my Certification in Digital Analytics Fundamentals from Google Analytics Academy.

Google Analytics Certified Consultant

Now I am Google Analytics Certified :)

Not that I think this certificate means much given the ease of the exam, no entry barrier as well as the short nature of the course but then it always feels good to see a nice certificate and especially when it comes from Google.

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My Content Marketing Presentation at Digital Marketing Summit Hyderabad

iDoneSEO a 2000 people strong Facebook community organized a Digital Marketing Summit today in Hyderabad and fortunately I was invited to be a speaker. It was a nice crowd to present to and while I was expecting a lot of digital marketers in a conference like this, a sizable amount of small businesses turned up too. It was really refreshing to see businesses that have always been so attuned to offline marketing are now seriously considering digital as their marketing channel of preference.

My topic for the presentation was Content Marketing : The Magic Wand of Inbound Marketing, where I tried to convey the importance of content centric marketing strategies, the various forms and usage of content and how a well planned content strategy can actually help take a Prospect to Lead to Opportunities. Also the presentation has a content marketing case study, based on an infographic by [x]cube LABS .

Will very soon post some pictures from the digital marketing conference but till then.. here is a little modified version of my presentation :

Content Marketing : Magic Wand of Inbound Marketing by Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury

Presented at Digital Marketing Summit, Hyderabad.

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How to Optimize Your Thank You Page Design to Increase User Engagement

We all run our marketing campaigns with certain objectives – we want users to buy our products, fill up a lead form, download our white papers, subscribe to our feed or do some other action that fits into our business objective. The moment a user takes the necessary action, we try to play the courteous host and show him a Thank You message. How many of you have actually spent time thinking how your thank you page design impacts your user?

Trust me, it does!

This is one of the most neglected areas in user experience optimization and in most cases people don’t pay much heed to the thank you page and in the process loses tons of opportunity! E-commerce industry is an exception as most e-commerce websites follow up their thank you pages with complementary products and special offers trying to up sell.

Thank You Page Design

Optimize thank you page design to increase user engagement.

This attitude of negligence mainly stems from the facts..

  1. The user has already converted (your business objective fulfilled) – why do you care anymore? You assume he is going to leave your website at this point.
  2. Thank you pages are mostly dynamically generated and hidden from the search engines, so there is no SEO benefit to it.

What you fail to see in this case are..


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Backlink XXX Review – I am Trying it Personally

UPDATED : 6th July, 2016
BacklinkXXX is no longer available and this post is no longer useful. However, if you are looking for useful tools for your SEO, I would recommend you try SEMRushSEMRush is not just about Link building, rather it is a complete tool that provides a lot of valuable data on both SEO and paid search. The tool is focussed more on competitor analysis and can provide some really cool data on competitior backlinks and keyword data.


With Penguin hitting hard, the biggest issue that SEO s are trying to cope with is link building. On one hand you need to disavow your bad links ( if you have any) and on the other hand you need to earn high quality links. While the first option is manageable, the second one is extremely difficult. Going by all the principles laid out by Google, “Link Building” is now obsolete, all that exists is “link earning”. Definitely, that’s the best way to go but we all know how difficult it could be.

Google also says that you should not be over optimizing on anchor texts – your link anchors should be distributed across various keyword variations as well as regular text like your brand name or just “click here”. While the average web masters are trying their best to live by this directives, a recent study of 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors at SEOMOZ ( Now MOZ), shows in an analysis of Top 50 search engine results across a wide range of keywords that partial match anchor text and exact match anchor text are getting decent traction. On the contrary, the survey part of the same study shows that the SEOs believe they are better off with an organic distribution of anchor text.

Now with all this confusion around link building every SEO is looking for what works best, a proven method, and I am no exception. While my clients have been getting pretty good results through my content marketing based link building, I am always in hunt for new options and one such hunts lead me to Backlink XXX . Read More >>

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Social Media Specialist Job in Bangalore

Organization : Make A Difference ( MAD )
Job Title: Social Media Specialistclick-here-to-apply-now
Location: Bangalore
Employment Type: Full-time
Reporting to: PR Head

About Make A Difference ( MAD )

MAD-Social-Media-Job-BangaloreMake A Difference (MAD) is a platform that empowers youth to become change leaders who drive positive impact and create self-sustaining communities. We are committed to provide equal opportunities for all children and our vision is that some day every child can learn and pursue their passion.

MAD is based in Bangalore, India and operating in 23 cities across the country. Today it is one of India’s largest youth volunteer networks. 1800 volunteers participate in our projects and work with over 4000 children in 80 centres.

Our projects aim to provide a positive learning ecosystem for children in order for them to regain confidence and start believing in themselves. We currently run an English Teaching, Library, Career Awareness and Personality Development Program.


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Be Mobile Friendly or Perish : Even Google Says So

We have all felt the change in how we use the Internet. We are no longer tied down to our heavy desktops or not even carrying around our Laptops, but its our smart phones that feeds more than half of our connectivity needs. Not just social networks, but even when we are looking at other Internet usage, may it be reading up on a restaurant review, finding the hospital, some quick information on coccyx pain, most of our need for Internet connectivity is answered on our phone.

And if you are still not convinced about the fact, after reading the long wielded text above, here are some data points, that will drive the point through.

Looking at last six months data for two of the most heavily trafficked sites I manage:

Site 1: A B2B technology site : 38% of the traffic were on mobile
Site 2 : A Celebrity Blog : 30% of the traffic comes from mobile

Even looking at some of the other sites, I noticed that almost all sites are getting around 30% – 40% of their visits from Mobile users. Now that is definitely not a number you would like to ignore.

Day before yesterday Google formally raised the stake further for webmasters to optimize their sites for mobile with this post. To quote from the Google blog “we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.” – which can definitely be read as , if your website is not properly configured for mobile your Google rankings can take a beating, especially when it comes to users searching on their mobile.

While Google has already published their recommendation for smart phone friendly websites this time they also pointed out some common mistakes :

  1. Faulty Redirects: When accessed from mobile, some websites would redirect all their pages to the home page of their mobile version. This actually disrupts the users workflow and creates a bad experience. Instead they should be redirecting each page to their respective mobile version. If you do not have a mobile friendly format of that page/content, let the visitor see the desktop version – but do not send him back to your home page.


  2. Avoid Smartphone Only Errors : Make sure that your users are redirected to mobile friendly pages, if they access the desktop content on their mobile. Also, ensure that the smartphone friendly pages are not throwing any errors.
  3. Handle Googlebot-Mobile  Properly: Do not redirect Googlebot-Mobile for smartphones to your website version optimized for feature phones. This will in turn redirect Googlebot-Mobile to your desktop version and result in an infinite loop.
    Googlebot-Mobile identifies itself as specific mobile devices and you should treat these Google bot user-agents exactly the way you would treat an user surfing your website on that mobile device.

There is no better option but to test your website on as many mobile devices as possible and ensure it renders properly .

The last line from the Google post again says, “will improve the mobile web, make your users happy, and allow searchers to experience and experience your content fully.” And if this is not an incentive enough for you to optimize your site for mobile, I don’t know what is.