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Why Copying your Competitor’s Website is a Bad Idea

Competitor analysis is an integral part of any marketing campaign and coming from a Search Marketing background I can vouch for how effective it could be to analyse your competitor’s campaigns using tools like SEMRush, Spyfu etc. It is also quite common while creating a new website to review your competitor websites and understand their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can carefully utilise / avoid those in your design. However, it is often a problem when your client is head over heels for some web site design he has seen on the web and wants you to copy it. From a designer’s perspective, while it might not be so much of a problem ( though it substantially limits and undermines their creativity), from a marketing perspective this could often be more detrimental to your business than you would think of.

Linkedin has recently invited me to publish on their platform and my first article on Linkedin talks in depth on Why Copying your Competitor’s Website is a Bad Idea . Do leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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My Love for Buffer – Scheduling Social Posts Makes Life Easy

Buffer Social Sharing AppThis post is all about my new found love for Buffer ( ). As a digital marketing professional it is essential for me to be active on the social platforms. While I do make sure to follow the right type of people across my social channels so that my time line is mostly filled with high quality content of my interest, I have always been a little too lazy to share content on all the social platforms – I mostly share on Facebook or Twitter but then all my followers on Google Plus and Linkedin gets completely ignored. And then there are some days when I am actually too busy to share content on any of my social profiles. Now with Buffer this is a thing of the past.


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The Messy Affair of Google Plus and Google Places

Google Places, erstwhile known as Google Local has always been a vital service both for users as well as marketers, Google Plus on the other hand has never gained the amount of traction that Google wanted it to have in spite of desperate attempts to force users across almost all popular Google properties to join Google Plus. While the web is abuzz with Vic Gundotra leaving Google and Google Plus being a walking dead, in the last couple of years attempt one thing that Google has successfully done is to mess up the Google Plus and Google Places inter relation, leaving marketers in a “don’t know what to do” state.

When Google Plus was introduced there was no talks of integrating with Places, thus many marketers went on to create their own pages in Google Plus. Later Google wanted Places to be integrated with Google Plus and as a result, for all the existing Places listing a corresponding Google Plus page was created – IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACT WHETHER THE BUSINESS HAD A GOOGLE PLUS PAGE OR NOT.


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Why You Don’t Need Keyword Rich SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Development“Content is king” – this cliché phrase has been beaten to death by any one and everyone in the SEO industry and to take this a step further SEO consultants have always been stressing on “SEO Content” or “SEO optimized Content”. While the digital marketing world is rapidly changing and especially the SEO scene has taken a massive blow to its traditional methodologies in recent past, most SEO consultants today are still stuck to their fascination for keyword rich SEO content.  So why don’t I feel the need for search engine optimized content?

  1. Social Influence on Search Ranking: The influence of social media on search rankings has been proven beyond doubt. While we are yet to get more clarity on the extent of influence, the mass consensus is that social votes (likes, shares, tweets, plus ones etc.) across platforms and may be some platforms like Google Plus in more specific is going to be the next big currency to influence your search rankings. Social media being a manually curated environment doesn’t really favor keyword rich content that is specifically created to feed the search bots. We human beings don’t need keywords to make sense of content, we care for content that adds value to our life, something that we care to share irrespective of the fact whether they have keywords in them or not. So if you want your content to gain traction in social media, you will probably like to go easy on the keywords. Read More >>

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How a Single Useless Blog Post Can Ruin Your Reputation

Online-Reputation-ManagementI have not been very regular with my blog posts as usual and one of the major reason for the same is that I don’t like to post useless blog posts that don’t add value to my readers and to write quality posts, requires serious time and effort commitment, which I am often not able to give this days. However, at times I do feel tempted to write some easy posts, often times I also do some nonsensical stuff for verifying certain hunches – you can call them my experiments. But at times these things really come to bite you back.


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Selective Tweets from AdTech India

Tweets from AdTech

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This Guy Read About ClickBait and You Wont Believe What He Did Next

Seriously marketers come up with one trick after the other and the unsuspecting users fall prey to it. I have been observing the irresistibly click-able articles on my time line for last couple weeks and spending some good time on sites like Viral Nova and Upworthy. I knew about optimizing content for clicks, however it is only after reading this Econsultancy report on Click Bait and few other I realized the elaborate plan that goes behind it

So what did I do ?

Why this image ? Because I liked it and I felt the apparent mismatch between the headline and the photo might make readers even more curious to click.

Why this image ? Because I liked it and I felt the apparent mismatch between the headline and the photo might make readers even more curious to click.The image has been taken from

Though most of the time I like to post quality content on my blog, I just thought of trying out the clickbait trick here on this post and see how many people actually clicks. Does clickbait work for marketing blogs ? Well, will know after a week! You can bookmark this post as I plan to update the post after a week and again after a month with the number of visits it received in all.

If you are feeling bad about reading this post ( feeling tricked?), consider that this is just an experiment and your participation is appreciated. Also, there’s plenty of good quality articles in this blog on different subjects like SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing, Social Media etc.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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SEO- 2014 and Beyond – my presentation from Digital Marketing Summit

This last Saturday, 15th Feb, 2014 we had the second edition of Digital Marketing Summit in Hyderabad. I was invited as a speaker and my topic for the day was “SEO – 2014 and Beyond”. Some usual faces and many unknown, but overall it was a good day talking to people from the industry and also a lot of small businesses looking to leverage digital marketing. For those of you interested , given below is a copy of my presentation from the summit, showcasing some of the trends that are bound to affect SEO in 2014 and the days to come.

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Isn’t Online Audience Optimization ( OAO ) Just Another Acronym for Good SEO ?

I typically avoid those “SEO is Dead” articles that keeps floating up in the social feeds on and off, however, recently one of them caught my attention with the mention of  “Long Live OAO”.  “Wow! Another shiny new acronym to throw around in every conversation”, I thought and went on to read it. And of course I didn’t want to be left out on the latest digital marketing trend that is supposedly going to replace SEO.

So I read on and here is a summary of what I found…. Read More >>

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Backlink XXX Review Part 2 -From My Personal Experience

UPDATED : 6th July, 2016
BacklinkXXX is no longer available and this post is no longer useful. However, if you are looking for useful tools for your SEO, I would recommend you try SEMRushSEMRush is not just about Link building, rather it is a complete tool that provides a lot of valuable data on both SEO and paid search. The tool is focussed more on competitor analysis and can provide some really cool data on competitior backlinks and keyword data.


A couple months back I posted a review of Backlink XXX and did mention that I am using it personally and promised a follow up post. While it took me a little too long to do this posts due to other priorities but I finally had a chance to finish the core part of the Backlink XXX videos and thought will quickly put up this post based on my findings. They do have some bonus sections too, which I am yet to go through and will post an update on the same once I finish those. But for now..

After going through the entire content of Backlink XXX I have no doubt that this could be very useful for most SEO s , while most of the link building techniques shown in Backlink XXX are probably known to advanced and Senior SEO guys, there is a lot more than just link building techniques in BacklinkXXX. People who are relatively new to the SEO space would definitely find the techniques extremely useful and easy to implement but as mentioned there is also a lot of take away for many experienced SEO guys.