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Be Mobile Friendly or Perish : Even Google Says So

We have all felt the change in how we use the Internet. We are no longer tied down to our heavy desktops or not even carrying around our Laptops, but its our smart phones that feeds more than half of our connectivity needs. Not just social networks, but even when we are looking at other Internet usage, may it be reading up on a restaurant review, finding the hospital, some quick information on coccyx pain, most of our need for Internet connectivity is answered on our phone.

And if you are still not convinced about the fact, after reading the long wielded text above, here are some data points, that will drive the point through.

Looking at last six months data for two of the most heavily trafficked sites I manage:

Site 1: A B2B technology site : 38% of the traffic were on mobile
Site 2 : A Celebrity Blog : 30% of the traffic comes from mobile

Even looking at some of the other sites, I noticed that almost all sites are getting around 30% – 40% of their visits from Mobile users. Now that is definitely not a number you would like to ignore.

Day before yesterday Google formally raised the stake further for webmasters to optimize their sites for mobile with this post. To quote from the Google blog “we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.” – which can definitely be read as , if your website is not properly configured for mobile your Google rankings can take a beating, especially when it comes to users searching on their mobile.

While Google has already published their recommendation for smart phone friendly websites this time they also pointed out some common mistakes :

  1. Faulty Redirects: When accessed from mobile, some websites would redirect all their pages to the home page of their mobile version. This actually disrupts the users workflow and creates a bad experience. Instead they should be redirecting each page to their respective mobile version. If you do not have a mobile friendly format of that page/content, let the visitor see the desktop version – but do not send him back to your home page.


  2. Avoid Smartphone Only Errors : Make sure that your users are redirected to mobile friendly pages, if they access the desktop content on their mobile. Also, ensure that the smartphone friendly pages are not throwing any errors.
  3. Handle Googlebot-Mobile  Properly: Do not redirect Googlebot-Mobile for smartphones to your website version optimized for feature phones. This will in turn redirect Googlebot-Mobile to your desktop version and result in an infinite loop.
    Googlebot-Mobile identifies itself as specific mobile devices and you should treat these Google bot user-agents exactly the way you would treat an user surfing your website on that mobile device.

There is no better option but to test your website on as many mobile devices as possible and ensure it renders properly .

The last line from the Google post again says, “will improve the mobile web, make your users happy, and allow searchers to experience and experience your content fully.” And if this is not an incentive enough for you to optimize your site for mobile, I don’t know what is.

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A Dirty Guide to Crush Your Online Competition Silently

I am not an MBA grad nor did I try getting close to becoming one. But as a curious geek Internet marketer I have always enjoyed both shrewd and smart marketing hacks. The techniques mentioned in this post are more suited if you have an online business or if online is your major marketing channel. If you are a fellow marketer then you may find few techniques given below as unethical and mean. I will be glad to respond to your opinions regarding the same in the comments section below. All techniques mentioned in the post needs to be executed in the right way in order to get optimal results and avert legal issues. This post is a pretty long one so grab a coffee, put your marketing hat on, sit back and read on.

Accept it! No matter how unique your unique selling proposition is, there is always someone who is ready to outsmart, outwit and outrank you. And the way you deal with competition determines how your business stands in the long run. Below are few techniques which when used in a particular way can help you crush your competition, bite a huge chunk of your competitor’s market share and get a kick ass start to your online venture.


Brandjacking is a technique used to capture people already acquainted with your competitor’s brand.

If your competitor hasn’t acquired their brand name on all social profiles, it’s time for you to grab your competitor’s un-acquired Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube accounts and build a following. Use namechk to find out your competitor’s unattended social profiles.

How about grabbing your competitor’s “competitor name + customer service” twitter handle and start building a following. You can use this twitter profile to harm your competitor later.


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How Businesses Can Leverage Linkedin Company Pages

A couple of days back I wrote a post about how to use Linkedin for personal branding and yesterday, I received another email from an old client of mine asking suggestion on how he can leverage Linkedin company pages for his business. Rather than sending him an email, I thought it would be good to put up a post here that all my readers can make use of.

This article would outline a bunch of activities that you should be doing to get the most out of Linkedin company pages.

How Businesses use Linkedin

How Businesses can make the most out of Linkedin Company Pages.

Add a Banner

Linkedin company pages allow you to add a banner on top. Make full use of it, add a banner that is aesthetically pleasing and also properly exudes the nature & spirit of your business. Remember, visual appeal goes a long way and this banner is your opportunity. It is doubtful that a visitor will want to further explore the page if it doesn’t have any visual appeal.

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6 Tips on How to use Linkedin for Personal Branding

Branding is important for any business and personal branding today is no less important for any and every professional. While corporate head honchos can invest in engaging professional PR teams and maintaining media relations it is not a feasible option for everybody. Linkedin is perhaps one of the most powerful tool available to the public in general that provides an amazing opportunity to establish your personal brand.

As Linkedin celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday, I thought of doing this post showcasing some very simple things you can do to better leverage your Linkedin profile for personal branding.

Linkedin 10 years of professional networking

Linkedin Celebrates its 10th Birthday!

Your Profile Picture

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – and yes, your profile picture is the first thing most visitors look at, the moment they land on your profile page. Linkedin is a professional network and make sure your profile photo shows the professional you. Post a clear and professional headshot. You might have a great party face but reserve it for facebook and bring out your suits.

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3 Key Adwords Competitor Analysis Metrics that can Improve your Campaign

Adwords is one of the key digital marketing channels today for most businesses. While Adwords is generally pretty effective and delivers fast results compared to any other channels, advertisers must realize it is a data centric science and if the Adwords campaigns are managed systematically with data driven decisions, the effectiveness and ROI of the campaigns can multiply manifold.

Adwords performance and metrics are also highly dynamic based on the competition. Some of the key Adwords metrics like Max bid, Cost per Click, average position etc are all influenced by the number of competitors and their respective numbers. To elucidate with a over-simplistic example – you might be paying $1 CPC for Keyword A and your ad shows up in position #1, now if a new competitor comes in to compete on the same keyword and starts bidding $1.05 – all other things being equal, your ad will now slip to #2 ad position. So even though there was no change at your end, simply due to competitive dynamics your ad has now moved to position #2 from position #1.

While the above example is definitely over simplistic and there are way too many other factors and all of them inter-linked and influencing each other, the fact remains that having a thorough analysis of your competitor account can definitely give you a big advantage to improve your Adwords campaigns. Let’s take a look at 5 different aspects of Adwords competitor analysis and how they can help you better manage your campaign.

Adwords-Competitor Research Tools

Competitor data that can help you be a step ahead.


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10 Genuine Penguin Friendly Link Building Techniques

Google rolled out Penguin updates on April 24, 2012 and since then there has been multiple updates to the same which has completely changed the concept of link building. While it was primarily rolled out to target websites involved in link buying, the bigger picture was to identify and take action against websites that are involved in unnatural link building in any form. As Google progressed to tighten this, more and more sites got affected and the concept of link building has completely changed in the last one year. While this has caused much frustration for many SEO’s there are still some ways to get links for your websites.

10 Penguin Friendly Link Building Techniques

10 Penguin Friendly Link Building Techniques

“Link building” is now morphed into “link earning” and you will have to truly earn your links, your grandpa’s link building will not work, rather put you in trouble, for the most part at least.

In the post Penguin era link building is purely about content play and it is only your content that can get you links, so most link building suggestions center around creating various forms of content.


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Email Marketing Spam Traps and How to Avoid Them

email marketing spam trap

email marketing spam trap

Earlier I wrote about how to avoid spam filters, however, there is another kind of similar challenge for email marketers, which is the spam traps. Spam traps could be deadly for an email marketer and could lead to serious deliverability issues. Let’s take a detailed look at what are spam traps, how they can affect your email marketing campaigns and what you can do to avoid such spam traps.

What is Spam Trap ?

Spam Traps are basically honeypots to attract spams. These are email addresses that are made available across the web in various places but these addresses do not belong to any one and are never used by anyone to send emails. So when an email comes to any of these addresses that is a sure shot indicator of the fact that the sender has built his list by harvesting email addresses off the web and can be clearly labeled as spam.

While this sounds pretty reasonable, there could be reasons for such spam trap emails to land up in your email-marketing list and consequently landing you in several blacklists.


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Adwords Introduces Adgroup Level Mobile Bid Adjustment for Enhanced Campaigns


Mobile bid adjustment for Adwords Enhanced Campaigns
Image Courtesy: business2community.com

Google announced Enhanced Campaign for Adwords in February and while the change has been positioned as an upgrade to the existing Adwords system it has garnered a fair share of criticism from Adwords consultants, primarily because it takes away a lot of control that advertisers enjoy in the present Adwords system.

However, recently Google has announced an extra level of control that is sure to bring some smile for the Adwords professionals. With the latest change, Google will allow Mobile bid adjustment at Adgroup level, enabling the advertisers to tighten up the adgroup bid adjustment. Google Adwords campaigns, enhanced or otherwise, allowed advertisers to control their budget at Campaign level and bids at Keyword level. Having an extra layer of bid adjustment at the Adgroup level would definitely be a welcome control feature for Adwords professionals.


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5 Adwords Mistakes That Can Bleed You Dry

5 Tips to Improve your Adwords ROI

5 Tips to Improve your Adwords ROI

Google Adwords is the most commonly used paid search platform (search advertisement) and while the system is great to get a lot of clicks and conversions almost instantly, there are enough temptations and loopholes in the system that can bleed your purse dry in no time. If you have recently started advertising on Adwords and is wondering whether you have sufficient budget to run the campaign, here are five points that will definitely deliver more bang for your buck.


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Does Google Pass Credits Even if You Do Not Do 301 While Moving a Website?

i-love-googleMost people would have a clear answer, “No”, if you want your link and ranking credits to be passed on to your new URLs while moving a site you must set up proper 301 redirections. So if it is that obvious, why am I writing about it ?

Because I found something strange happening.! I wrote about how I tried to move my Blogger blog to WordPress and set up 301 redirection and how Google promptly deleted my blogger blog completely, making all my efforts useless. Now this domain is hosting this content for the last 3-4 days and has almost zero backlinks, yet the blog has now started showing up in the first page in Google for the keyword SEO Consultant India. This keyword has moderate to high competition, with professional SEO companies fighting to get their foot in, yet a brand new blog start ranking. HOW? ( note: my old blog used to rank for this keyword )

The blog is also now ranking #1 for the keyword SEO Kolkata. This was also another strong hold for my earlier blog, but this blog doesn’t have any links, neither does it have SEO Kolkata anywhere in the domain name or URLs. Yet it ranks. Read More >>