Privacy Policy

I know most people don’t like to read this and I don’t like to write it either, but this is important. So I have avoided all the boring long wielded text and here is a short version of what you really need to know.

a) The blog collects your email or other contact information only when you voluntarily submit the same for commenting in the blog or subscribing to the feed. WE DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANY THIRD PARTY FOR WHATEVER REASON. We also DO NOT use this to spam you.

b) I have Google Analytics installed in the blog which might place some cookies in your machine. These DOES NOT track any personalized information and basically provides aggregate data to know the website statistics.

c) This website does make some money through affiliate networks and the affiliate networks might also place some cookies in your machine, which again is mostly to track affiliate sales and not really any personal information.

If you have read till this much, you must be happy that I told you all the important information that you need to know in the short and sweet way, but in case you are one of those odd ones that are overly bothered about Privacy, feel free to contact me for any question.