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By digitalSRC
Oct 7th, 2007

After the Delhi SEO Meet in last April, it’s again time for a Search conference in India and I just managed to get a chance to sneak in at the last moment. Search Camp 2007 was scheduled to be held in Tidal Park, Chennai on 6th-7th October and unfortunately I was so preoccupied with my office works I wasn’t aware of it till Saturday 2.30pm when one of my SEO friend pinged me to ask why am I not their in the conference. Better late than never, a quick chat with Ravi (my boss) got me the approval to take off to Chennai for attending the Sunday session of Search Camp.

While Delhi SEO Meet was a good effort keeping in mind it was the first of its kind in India, Search Camp 2007 had a much wider scope in terms of the number of participants, their profile and the topics discussed. The point that caught my attention the most with the topics of discussion at Search Camp is that they also had a Black Hat guy to present and being a White hat (ok, I agree, at times Grey 😉 ) , I have a lot of inquisitiveness to learn the intricacies of high end black hat ( not that I plan to apply it, but its always good to learn ).

Reached Chennai at 10.00pm I night and could manage to get an accommodation at Hotel President after being given a full house response by four other hotels. Need to catch a good sleep now and see how the search camp goes tomorrow.

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