Selective Tweets from AdTech India

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Mar 21st, 2014

Tweets from AdTech

  • Asians r rebuilding internet. Cricket searches surpass baseball. Google at #adtechin. – @deepalinaair
  • Asian developers lead Google play for app revenues! @ktemsamani #adtechIN – @Naina
  • WOOHOO!!! By end of #2014 #india will have more #Internet users than #US @adtechindia #adtechin -@kushalsanghvi
  • #India has the widest gender gap in the digital ecosystem compared to anywhere in the world #adtechIN – @Amit_tripathis
  • The fight is about 3 billion mobile phones, 2 billion television sets, 1 billion PCs, the answer is out!! @adtechindia #adtechIN – @kushalshanghvi
  • This will be the future, “wearable barcodes” #adtechIN Shiv clearly believes this is where the world is headed. – @rammohantweets
  • Clients should make friends with the folks @ their agencies to achieve success. Sam Singh, @GSK #adtechIN – @tweetStrategic
  • 55% of affluent Indians access the internet on mobile at least once per hour. #adtechIN – @Naina
  • As per BBC, 55% of affluent Indians access the internet (news?) on mobile at least once per hour. #adtechIN – @Vishal1Mehra
  • 50% time spent on mobile is work related usage. #adtechIN – @naina
  • Device in your pocket or hand right now is your primary device of work yeilding max productivity #adtechIN says Tom VP Strategy BBC – @Nehaagarwal85
  • 31% of the consumers prefer mobile devices to desktops. 56% in case of India – @TomKBowman #adtechIN – @ARMDigital
  • @TomKBowman from bbc and Shivakumar from @PepsiIndia agree. Desktop is dead #adtechIN – @iwjdb
  • Brand mobile advertising is effective for all, but most significantly for affluent consumers. @TomKBowman #adtechIN – @Naina
  • Mr. @TomKBowman, VP, BBC, says “46% of affluent’s who use their phones for business spend over 50% of their time on the internet” #adtechIN -@AdtechIndia
  • If you have a brand which wants to target affluent customers (who doesn’t), you need to get on mobile now #adtechin – @vishal1mehra
  • #mobile advertising 4 times more effective than desktop, amongst affluent consumers – Tom Bowman, BBC, #adtechin – @Aparna1420
  • @nehaagarwal85: Neilson planning to come up with metrics to evaluate TV & Digital together! Interesting! #adtechIN“courtesy bluefins tech – @thapargaurav
  • By 2023 indian ecommerce industry should be $56bn currently at $16bn says #RaghuVenkatraman head digital #Nielson #adtechIN -@Nehaagarwal85
  • The average Indian online shopper is a 34 year South Indian male 🙂 per Raghu @adtechindia #adtechIN but hope for women! – @Reet_tweet
  • 40% of new online shoppers are women. In India. @cacophonix1984 #adtechIN -@naina
  • 67% online shoppers shop at least once a month – Neilsen #adtechIn – @Bokul
  • 44% online shoppers in India buy from the apparel & footwear category. @cacophonix1984 #adtechIN – @Naina
  • Tech Travel Fashion are leaders categories in the ecommerce industry #adtechIN #RaghuVenkatraman @Nielsen -@NehaAgarwal85
  • 20 to 25 percent of ecommerce transactions happen from mobile devices in india – Raghu V from @NielsenIndia #adtechIN – @ShilpiDPathak
  • 30% of all conversations about e-commerce happen in Tier 2 and 3 cities in India. #adtechIN – @AnkitaAshesh
  • 21% users look for brand or purchase the product on mobile devices ” #adtechIN @adtechindia -@Logic_digital
  • Engagement on Social media impacts sales of category on Ecommerce immensely & #flipkart leads engagement says #Raghu @Nielsen #adtechIN -@Nehaagarwal85
  • @Flipkart engages most audience, @amazon has the highest positive sentiments. Industry Insights based on #BigData! #adtechIN – @Adtechindia
  • On average, Indians spend 2.5 hours per day on their smartphone. @cacophonix1984 #adtechIN -@naina
  • Flipkart is most accessed mobile shopping app, followed by snapdeal, eBay, Amazon, olx, quikr. – Nielsen #adtechIn -@Bokul
  • #adtechin Apps usgae is higher than m. websites says Raghu from Nielson.. why isnt Google showing apps in search results first? Google? – @psmahajan
  • Content should never be truly branded if you want it to fly high #AdtechIn – @ShilpiDPathak
  • Content marketing is not a user manual of the cloud,it’s like building bridges across multiple touch points.”Says,@priyajayaraman #adtechIN – @adtechindia
  • Listen to your customers, Talk Later! A mantra every brand should follow”, do you agree with @priyajayaraman over this? #adtechIN – @adtechindia
  • #Content is the language of the people today as it’s happening #AdtechIn – @ShilpiDPathak
  • Content doesn’t always mean to start a conversation. It’s a lot about being a part of it.”Says, @priyajayaraman, Your views? #adtechIN -Adtechindia
  • #adtechIN @adtechindia Video Marketing would be the clear focus for 2014, however it is yet be exploited. Its more of TV on digital now. – @maruti_indoria
  • You cannot just create and upload content, it is also about spending some money to make it reach says #Archana VP Media Airtel #adtechIN – @nehaAgarwal85
  • Whom will brands choose to create videos Shekhar Kapur or Ogilvy? @kushalsanghvi is pointing some interesting questions! #adtechIN -@swapdp
  • Publishers are becoming brands in India – Mr. Bird (Savoo) #adtechIN @adtechindia -@logic_digital
  • Your content gotta be in the ‘popular culture’ – Atit, HUL #adtechIn -@aakancksha
  • #adtechin #ContentMarketing #Conversations #Engagement #Objectives all three are important for creating #greatcontent – @mohitjo
  • Getting the right content is easy but it’ll only work if you get the right distribution via Atit Mehta, Unilever #adtechIN – @sanchitajohri
  • Video content production is easy, biggest challenge is distribution #adtechin -@denharsh
  • Content should be more #conversational rather than #promotional. #adtechIN – @tweetStrategic
  • Should you use UGC as part of strategy @kushalsanghvi asks #Atit head media Unilever answers yes but there are challenge in that #adtechIN – @NehaAgarwal85
  • Will we have OVC/IVC rather than TVC soon #bishwajit VW says Yes #Archana #reliance says No bec of internet penetration #adtechIN – @nehaagarwal85
  • I think brands are still not able to use # usergeneratedcontent for their benefit . They are just sitting on the gold mine . #AdtechIn -@ShilpiDPathak
  • These #MischievousCookie from @Oreo @OreoIndia are so kool with sensor motor setup. Check it out #AdtechIN – @honeytech
  • Critical, Relevancy and Contextual- three pillar of good content and shall not be missed out! @Sanjay_Tripathy, Head, @HDFCLIFE #adtechIN – @adtechindia
  • U don’t need large marketing teams, u need agencies with strong content capabilities… @Sanjay_Tripathy #adtechIN – @Amit_Tripathis
  • “If your engagement ratio is getting higher, your customer is getting educated about your product”,Says, @Sanjay_Tripathy at #adtechIN – @adtechindia
  • Start with content. Move to engagement. Business vl come. Starting with Commerce on Social is recipe for failure @Sanjay_Tripathy #adtechIN -@Amit_Tripathis
  • Nobody is bothered about measuring analytics on TV. Should be within industry practices to include them in the pitch!” Atit Mehta #adtechIN – @Adtechindia
  • Video marketing in regional languages will accelerate the video spending for big companies ” : Atit Mehta #adtechIN @adtechindia – @logic_digital
  • Consumer is the King as well as the Queen and she has a voice now!” states Atit Mehta, Unilever at #adtechIN – @adtechindia
  • Content helps you build brands, thats how brand gets visibility.” says, Mr. Samar Verma, CEO & Founder, Fork Media #adtechIN – @adtechindia

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