SEO Training in India and Kolkata in Specific – Think Again !

By digitalSRC
Jun 30th, 2010

Well, I never thought of writing a post like this but due to the increasing number of queries about SEO training that I am receiving these days, I feel that it might be better to have a post on this.

I do receive a lot of request for providing SEO training or to suggest some SEO training institute. I receive these requests from people all over India but specifically more from people in Kolkata. Also there are few who plan to join some SEO training course in Kolkata and call me to check if I know anything about or recommend the person/ institute offering the training .

I have never been a fan of classroom training for SEO and I always tell people that the best way to learn SEO is to read on the web and try them practically. There are thousands of good blogs and SEO forums that provide valuable information and help for the SEO beginners. There are also tons of SEO whitepaper available for Free that can work as a starting point.

While there are definitely a few institutes that might be helpful for a beginner to grab the basics of SEO, there is no full proof course that can make you a SEO guru. For those of you, who are planning to join a SEO Training institute or some personal SEO training class allured by the possibilities of high paying jobs, here are few questions that I suggest you ask your SEO trainer…

  1. How did they learn SEO ?
    If they could learn it by themselves or through on-job training, you can too..
  2. What has been there career graph? Have they ever worked for any leading brand? Do they have a portfolio to show their SEO skills?
    Trust me, someone who does really well for himself as a SEO would not get into training. Working as a SEO pays much more than running a SEO training course.
  3. What about their accreditation? Are they associated with any university or any bigger institute ( e.g,NIIT) ?
    Remember, if they don’t have a proper accreditation, the certificate that they give you is absolutely useless.
  4. Do they give a job guarantee?
    Don’t be fooled by vague promises like “don’t worry about jobs, once you complete this course jobs will come after you”. In most cases even after completing one of these so called SEO courses you will probably start off in your first job at the same salary that any other fresher gets at your position.
  5. Industry Exposure?
    Most SEO training institutes offer a “industry exposure” for their students. In most cases the SEO trainer or the training institute also have a service wing or operates as freelancer where they provide SEO service to external clients. In the name of industry exposure they are able to get half their work done through you for free (rather you are paying them – training Fees). This experience can actually be a good exposure but you can also get the exposure if you build a site of your own and try optimizing them. Ask them if they would allow you to work on your own website to gain this exposure?

I would also suggest you do a few reference checks before joining any SEO training course. The reason I say this because I have received two calls till date where someone running a SEO training institute in Kolkata told the prospective students that they have actually learnt SEO from me – where the fact is that I just know that person as a casual industry acquaintance. I would not be able to name the person/ institute here because I don’t have a written proof on this but I am thankful to those two guys who actually cared to call me to check if I was actually involved with the SEO training institute/person.

I am more than happy to help people learn SEO and that is one of the main purposes of writing this blog, I have also provided a FREE Guide to SEO whitepaper that details the SEO process and ideas for a start and I also make sure I answer all questions that I receive from people about learning SEO – and yes, you DON’T need to pay me anything for that.

p.s. I am NOT involved with any SEO training institute in Kolkata or elsewhere or HAVE NOT provided any formal training to any individual. I did conduct some corporate training for few companies though.

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6 Comments to “SEO Training in India and Kolkata in Specific – Think Again !”

  1. subho says:

    your seo blog its really nice.i am following ur blog its really full package of seo knowledge.

  2. chandra bose says:

    Sir i have started a blogger. Is it necessary to have a domain to earn online through business web sites. or we can also earn through blogs or word i don’t have money right now to purchase a domain..please help me!!

    my email ID:

  3. seo-kolkata says:

    if it is just about making money you can probably do it with a WP or BLOGGER site too, but it is always advisable to have your own domain, if you are thinking of serious business – there are many ad and affiliate networks that wont even approve your sites if you are on a hosted domain like WP or blogger.

  4. Spunky Jones says:

    There is a lot that a person can do on their own to get high rankings in the search engines. Most people don’t know the basics of SEO and if you don’t get that right, you’ll never rank well in the search engines.

    Times are hard these days and money is short. I would find blogs that offer free ethical SEO techniques that they actually use themselves and apply them.

    The thing about SEO is that it is time consuming and isn’t has hard as SEO experts make it out to be.

  5. Sonu Kumar says:

    this is good job but i think there should some more related feature about on Page…

  6. bindhu says:

    “I have never been a fan of classroom training for SEO and I always tell people that the best way to learn SEO is to read on the web and try them practically. ”

    ya this sentence is write., to learn seo no need classrooms…
    nice sugesstion that ur providing to peopels……….
    keep going

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