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Why You Don’t Need Keyword Rich SEO Content Writing

“Content is king” – this cliché phrase has been beaten to death by any one and everyone in the SEO industry and to take this a step further SEO consultants […]

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Why Content is King – Though You Can’t Build the Empire without Links

In this blog though I have written on a wide variety of SEO topics including a bunch of link building techniques and tips I have rarely talked about Page Rank. […]

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10 Ways to Fail at Blogging

Everybody writes lists on how to succeed at blogging and making money online. So I thought I’d go against the grain and compile a list of how to achieve the […]

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Web Content Writing – Characteristics of Good Website Content?

While doing my last post about How to get Free backlinks, I thought of writing something on what is “good content” because it is often a question to many. Most […]

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SEO and SMO – The Common Factors

Lately I have been pondering over the concept of SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) and SEO and what exactly is common in them. It goes without saying, there are […]