22.10.2009 in SEO, Social Media by 1

Google Partners with Twitter to Provide Real Time Search Results

Well, real time search has been a nice topic for discussion for quite some time now amongst the search enthusiast, there has also been a lot of speculations if Google […]

12.08.2008 in Google Adwords by 1

Adwords Ads Shows 5 Lines of Text

This morning I noticed that Google Adwords ads are showing 5 lines of text in some cases instead of typical 4 line Adwords ads. The 5th line would mention a […]

24.03.2008 in Uncategorized by 0

New Google Mobile Feature – Search Without Typing

Google added a new entry into their robots.txt file — one way you can keep tabs on what Google doesn’t want to see. The new entry that forbids crawlers from […]