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Google May Discount Infographic Links in Future ! Ridiculous.

Last week in an interview with Eric Enge, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google might discount Infographic links in future. To quote Matt, “if at some point in the future we […]

29.02.2012 in SEO by 0

Google’s 40 New Challenges/Opportunities for SEO Consultants

Well no posts for 6 months but finally here I am writing a post and this is purely motivated by Google rolling out 40 changes in the month of February. […]

30.08.2011 in SEO, Social Media by 16

Stick Google Plus Buttons on your Pages or Your Search Traffic Dies

The day Google launched the Plus One ( +1) buttons, I was having a meeting with our SEO team at [x]cube and I said Plus One is definitely going to […]

01.07.2011 in Social Media by 3

Exploring Google Plus Tips and Tricks

Google + seems to be the talk of the hour and unlike other Google products this one seems to have a relatively higher learning curve for most users. While the […]

31.03.2011 in SEO, Social Media by 4

Google Plus One Likely to Effect Search Results and Quality Score

Google is adding its own version of “Like” button with the launch of +1 ( Plus One) in an attempt to make search more social. Now Google will allow users […]

10.06.2010 in SEO, Digital Marketing by 7

Height of SEO or a Google Screw Up ?

Well, am still undecided! Searched for the keyword Symbiosis Distance MBA in Google and the first result was a hard core p**n site. And further even without clicking on the […]

07.12.2009 in SEO, Google Adwords by 2

Page Load Time a Part of Google Algo ?

It has often been argued in the SEO world whether or not page load time affects your organic ranking. While there has been no definitive statement from the search engines […]

16.10.2009 in Digital Marketing by 2

Google Recommends Reputation Management

A few days back I wrote about some reputation management tips keeping in mind the increasing demand of this service and now we have a formal recommendation from Google also […]

28.09.2009 in SEO, Other by 1

Google Web Elements – An Easy Way to Integrate Google Products

Google has always been known for its simplicity and the wonderful services that it provides (in most cases apparently for free). With the launch of Google Elements it has now […]

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Google’s 11th Birthday Logo – September 27th 2009

On Google’s 11th birthday, 27th September 2009 Google gets a new logo with two “l” . If you have missed it on Sunday, see the logo below. Google’s birthday has […]