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What Rates do you Expect from a SEO Consultant in India ?

Well, this is kind of a rant post and am not sure how much value you will derive from it but I presume if you are reading this, next time […]

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Live Blogging for Search Camp 2009

** Added on 1st March, 2009 Arrived a little late at Search Camp. Stephen from Net concept is giving a presentation on SEO through video conferencing. The slides look a […]

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Google Organizing Search Masters Conference

This morning I received an invitation from Google to attend the first ever official Google conference for webmasters. Search Masters 2009, as they have named it, will be held in […]

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Google Bus to Introduce Internet to New Users in India

Google has launched its “The Internet Bus” project in India to educate offline population about the benefit of Internet. As the name suggests this is a bus with Internet connection […]

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How To Choose A SEO Consultant ?

For any web based business today it is impossible to ignore the search engines and search engine optimization or SEO has become really big these days. While some business owners […]

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Search Camp – SEO, SEM and More..

After a not so good sleep last night I managed to reach the Tidel Park auditorium to attend the second day of the Search Camp Conference in time. However, the […]

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SearchCamp – Search Conference in India !

After the Delhi SEO Meet in last April, it’s again time for a Search conference in India and I just managed to get a chance to sneak in at the […]

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Hathway Internet Connection in Hyderabad – Pathetic Service!

This post has nothing to do with SEO but more of my pathetic experience with Internet connection in Hyderabad. Probably I shopuldn’t have post it in this SEO blog but […]

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Google India Labs – Google Launches Indic Translation Service

Google released a special labs page for India. (Google Labs, as you might know, is the place where Google engineers post new projects, often still in experimental mode.)The two Indian […]

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Ready for Delhi SEO Meet – The First SEO Conference in India

Well, its 29th today and we are all set to fly for the first ever SEO conference in India “Delhi SEO Meet”. As I mentioned in my earlier post about […]