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How to Optimize Your Thank You Page Design to Increase User Engagement

We all run our marketing campaigns with certain objectives – we want users to buy our products, fill up a lead form, download our white papers, subscribe to our feed […]

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Press Releases Can Get Lot More than Links

Getting back links through Press Release distribution is probably nothing new to most of us who have dabbled in the space of online marketing, however, press releases can do lot […]

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How to Optimize Videos in You Tube

We always talk about Google and how much traffic Google search can drive to our website but how much time do we spend on thinking how we can use the […]

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How to Improve Your Google Adwords Quality Score?

Before we get down to the importance of Adwords Quality Score, let us first understand what is Quality Score. Though most of my readers might be already more than familiar […]

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Search Engine Optimization for Google Image Search

Most SEO s are conversant with the basic guidelines about optimizing a web page and this information can also be found on various websites. While web page optimization process has […]