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How a Single Useless Blog Post Can Ruin Your Reputation

I have not been very regular with my blog posts as usual and one of the major reason for the same is that I don’t like to post useless blog […]

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A Dirty Guide to Crush Your Online Competition Silently

I am not an MBA grad nor did I try getting close to becoming one. But as a curious geek Internet marketer I have always enjoyed both shrewd and smart […]

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7 Points Internet Marketers Should Consider in 2011

A very Happy New Year to all the readers! Now that we have all stepped into 2011, it’s the season for predictions on every possible aspect and I thought I […]

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Google Recommends Reputation Management

A few days back I wrote about some reputation management tips keeping in mind the increasing demand of this service and now we have a formal recommendation from Google also […]

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10 Ways for Online Search Reputation Management

It is becoming increasingly important for brands (corporations or even individuals) to monitor their web presence. With the increasing growth of social media platforms, the power is in the hands […]

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Press Releases Can Get Lot More than Links

Getting back links through Press Release distribution is probably nothing new to most of us who have dabbled in the space of online marketing, however, press releases can do lot […]

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Facebook Launches Vanity URL

Facebook finally launched a feature that was long overdue from a popular social networking site of its stature. After a dramatic 3 day countdown yesterday midnight they have launched the […]