Why SearchWiki Would Not Influence Google Algo

By digitalSRC
Feb 3rd, 2009

Since the launch of SearchWiki, there has been a lot of speculation going on in the search industry if the data collected from Search Wiki is going to influence the Google organic results. There has even been articles on the web that has expressed apprehensions about the end of SEO with the increasing influence of personalized search and Search Wiki.

Initially I did write an article on Search Wiki and also mentioned that there is a possibility of Google using the data for ranking the organic results. However, on second thought it seems pretty impractical at least at this stage. Here are my reasons why currently there would not be any influence of Search Wiki on Google Algo.

Before including any factor in the ranking algorithm, I am sure Google analyses the data in details and also tests it throughly under various conditions. At present Google would not even have enough data on Search wiki that they can use as a test sample and therefore there is no question about them including Search wiki data i the ranking algorithm at present.

We all know that Google’s algorithm has a component on user feedack and Google gets enough data on click through rate, bounce rate and analytics that helps them to successfully use this as an algorithmic factor. In future there is a possibility that Google might use the Search Wiki data in this user feedback component of their algorithm, however, that would again depend on how popular Search Wiki gets and the number of people actively using Search wiki. Apparently it seems that Search wiki has created a buzz only among the community of web and Internet professionals. How far will be its acceptance among common people ? Also, I presume this data would only be usable if it correlates with the data collected from the other sources and there is a broad trend that can be applied across all keywords.

So what we are essentially saying here is that SearchWiki data is not a factor in Google’s present algorithm and the chancec of it being a influencing factor in Google’s algo is relatively low. If at all it has any influence that would be minimal as there would already be other more reliable data of similar nature to supplement it. Also, if we are sticking to the basic SEO principles and creating websites that are more focussed on users you are sure to score high on this user feedack component of Google’s algo and SearchWiki would not really be something that you will need to be concerned with.

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