A Look at UK Search Marketing Companies

While the demand for experienced search marketing professionals and reliable search engine optimization companies are increasing everyday, the mushrooming of so called Internet marketing companies have also increased exponentially.As a large segment of my clients ( for whom I work as a Consultant) are from UK I was doing some study on the various search marketing options available to the UK audience. Besides, freelance consultants like me, there are quiet a few firms in the market. I was pretty impressed by the Vertical Leap website and the service range they provide.

While most companies have their forte in one or the other segment of various internet marketing options, Vertical Leap seems to cover complete search marketing services ( SEO, PPC as well as Local Search).The reason I found them different is because they have even considered local search as a serious business offering and are helping clients leverage the same. Some of their blog posts revealed that they are working on utilizing universal search as well.Definitely an ideal approach to survive the changing dynamics of the search marketing world.

With their operations in USA and Australia , besides US vertical Leap seems to be a major player in the search engine optimisation market in UK.

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