My Love for Buffer – Scheduling Social Posts Makes Life Easy

Buffer Social Sharing AppThis post is all about my new found love for Buffer ( ). As a digital marketing professional it is essential for me to be active on the social platforms. While I do make sure to follow the right type of people across my social channels so that my time line is mostly filled with high quality content of my interest, I have always been a little too lazy to share content on all the social platforms – I mostly share on Facebook or Twitter but then all my followers on Google Plus and Linkedin gets completely ignored. And then there are some days when I am actually too busy to share content on any of my social profiles. Now with Buffer this is a thing of the past.

What Buffer does is pretty simple. It allows you to post content across multiple social channel through a single platform. But more importantly, it allows you to schedule the content to be sent out at different times during the day. Buffer also comes with a nifty browser plugin that allows you to share any content that you might be viewing right from the browser without having to depend on the sharing options provided by the content publisher. If you happen to log into the BufferApp website you can also find “Suggestions” for content that they provide. They are working on making it more powerful with topic based segregation, though its not yet ready. Buffer also provides you with some really good analytics on all the content you share across different platforms. While the basic analytics is available for all users, they have a more advanced “analysis” option which is available only for the users who upgrade to their awesome plan.

Besides regular scheduling of content through Buffer, this days I make it a point to spend the first half an hour in my day in reading and  scheduling my posts and it is such a pleasure to see the content going out across al the platforms and just in right time. It saves time, keeps my profiles updated, offers relevant high quality to my followers consistently.  While I am aware that there are few other tools that do almost exactly the same thing I  love the Buffer interface way too much.

And with this love note I think the Buffer guys should probably give me a free upgrade to their awesome plan 🙂

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