33 Funny SEO Jokes – New and Original SEO Jokes in 2019

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I did a post on SEO jokes long back and the post still continues to get a lot of traffic. Most of them are classic timeless SEO jokes, but while reading them today, I felt I should do a new version with some updated, modern SEO Jokes. Jokes are best when they are relevant and new; when people can relate to them easily, hence this collection of modern funny SEO jokes.

To be honest it is very difficult to track back the actual source of the SEO jokes as many of them has been published across multiple websites. I have collected these funny SEO jokes from across multiple websites, but to add a drop to the ocean, I have also added one of my original SEO joke that you will not find anywhere else – till someone else copies it :p

I have also included some PPC jokes in this and collating some jokes on general marketing jokes but that’s for another post. For now, enjoy these SEO jokes.

The original SEO joke

How does an SEO get a divorce? They Disavow

New & Funny SEO Jokes

The local church emailed earlier… They wanted us to see if we can improve their Conversion Rates.

The England international football team got in touch. They need more goals set up… And don’t want penalties.

What did the victim say to the SEO stalker? Nofollow!

How does @Google decide who to hit hardest with Penguin updates? – Flipper Coin!

What do the Penguins @Google use to catch their fish? – Link Bait!

What do you get if you cross a Penguin and a Panda? A Ranking Problem!!

Why have all Penguins been left out of the Antarctic world cup team? Because they cause too many penalties!

Funny SEO Joke

Knock Knock SEO Jokes

Knock knock. Who’s there? No one because all of your rankings have gone!

Other Funny SEO Jokes

An SEO couple had twins – for the first time they were happy with duplicate content

Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market? .Lots of organic content.

Why did the SEO cross the road in a blindfold? – To get hit with traffic

What’s common between an SEO and Chiropractor? They both fix bad backlinks

What do you call an SEO Expert who sells vans? – Danny SellAVan

The hotel put me on room number 404. I searched and searched but could never find it.

Coffee.com was struggling with its SEO, we found they had a problem with the Caffeine update.

Received an urgent call from an online business – they wanted guaranteed search engine ranking for their new website in a month’s time. I said not a problem; in fact, I will also throw in a Unicorn for free.

What’s the difference between SEO and a Thesaurus?

Nothing, none, nada, squat, zip, zilch, diddly, zippo…

Your son tells you he wants to go play in the sandbox, you tell him it doesn’t exist.
And if he does play in it you’re afraid you won’t see him for the next 12 months

What is a black hat SEOs favourite food: SPAM

A SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, public house, tavern, Irish pub, pub, watering hole to drink alcohol, wine, beer, whisky, liquor…

You know you are desperate for an answer when – you look at the second page of Google

You are only as strong as your weakest link

modern seo joke

Funny SEO Pick Up Lines

Hey girl, watch out for penguin, you are over-optimized for “Gorgeous”

Hey girl, you make my heart flutter like a hummingbird

Hey girl, I would like to be the authority in your niche

PPC Jokes / Paid Search Jokes

How do you get people to notice you online? You have to really make an impression.

What do religion and paid search advertisers have in common? They really want people to convert.

What do you call a landing page in a tropical island? A destination URL

What’s a pirates favourite PPC Metric? CTRrrrrrrrr

The local Chiropractor are using a few PPC ideas in their pricing structure. Cost per Click is one idea…

If you have other funny SEO jokes to share, leave them in the comments and don’t forget to check out the 30 SEO Jokes I posted earlier.

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