Speaking Engagements

Over the years I have been speaking at various marketing conference and events in India and abroad and for many of them I had some decks that has been updated on SlideShare only. Not that I have been very organized about it and many are missing but thought, it would be a good thing to put up the ones I still have, all on a single page on this blog, giving my readers and easy way to find them.Hopefully you find some useful stuff in this conference presentations.


Digital Marketing Framework & Hacking Beyond It
Date : May 15, 2016
Event : DigitalFest Conference 2016
This was a startup marketing focussed event and the objective of the presentation was to provide the startups with not just the generic digital marketing gyan but also give them a framework that they can use as a guide to plan and manage their marketing. Along with that included a couple case studies that encourages them to look beyond standard frameworks and look at innovative marketing opportunities.

Mobile App User Acquisition Strategies – Launch & Growth
Date : Nov 9, 2015
Event : NASSCOM Game Developers Conference, Pune
A very detailed presentation about mobile app user acquisition and growth strategies. The presentation talks about each step of acquisition – campaign planning, incent vs. non-incent, network selection, creative planning and testing, buying models, programmatic buying for mobile, campaign performance and analytics as well as a case study.

Marketing Today – Confluence of Mobile, Social, Data and Analytics
Date : Feb 11, 2015
Event : National Business Conference, Coimbatore
The presentation talks about how marketing is becoming increasingly tech and analytics driven and how the powerful forces of mobile, social, data and analytics come together to drive successful marketing campaigns today.

Personal Branding for Photographers in Social Media
Date : Aug 31, 2014
Event : Social Media in Photography, Kolkata
This was a pretty different type of event, an event for Photographers where they discussed about how photographers can leverage social media for the business and branding. The deck is focussed more on how to establish personal branding for photographers, leveraging social media.

SEO 2014 & Beyond
Date : Feb 15th, 2014
Event : Digital Marketing Summit, Hyderabad
SEO has been a continuously evolving area and keeping up with the changes is not an easy task. This was an event close to the start of the year, so we talked about some of the recent changes in SEO as well as some forward looking stuff, in respect to what might be the upcoming changes in the SEO space.

SEO vs. Branding
Date : October 6th, 2013
Event : SEO Meetup, Hyderabad
SEO and Branding can go hand in hand and not be a war front. The presentation outlines specifically the areas of conflict between SEO and branding and how to manage them effectively together.

Content Marketing: Magic Wand of Inbound Marketing
Date : 29th September 2013
Event : Digital Marketing Summit, Hyderabad
A very visual presentation on Content marketing, while the slides would definitely help understand the thoughts conveyed it would have been much clear with the relevant narrations. The deck also includes some To Do’s and Not to Do’s along with some grids and other actionable info and a case study on content marketing.

Why Do You Blog
Date : 8th August 2009
Event : Kolkata Bloggers Meet
A basic presentation for an audience helping them understand the need for blogging and how blogging can connect and translate to achieving business objectives. While the presentation is pretty dated and basic, the fundamentals outlined are still applicable.