Mobile App User Acquisition : Launch & Growth Strategies – Speaking at NGDC 2015

Mobile apps and games are an inherent part of digital mix for most brands today. While there’s no less of indie developers who are publishing their games and apps – established brands are pouring in significant amount of investment on developing mobile apps as well as marketing them. Acquiring users for mobile apps becomes increasingly important for businesses to achieve their end objective, whether mobile works as a new customer acquisition channel, transaction driver or a customer engagement platform. Click to view the Presentation on User acquistion at NGDC.

NASSCOM organized and Game Developer Conference in Pune on 5th -7th November. One of the largest gaming conference in India, it saw a good participation from game developers, publishers, business people and experts in the domain. At [x]cube LABS we have deep experience across various aspects of mobile app user acquisition, retargeting and other app marketing channels. As marketing practice head for [x]cube, I was invited to do a session a on Mobile App User Acquisition – Launch & Growth Strategies. The session primarily covered some of the aspects of a launch strategy , though not much detailing as there were couple of talks specifically on those but it detailed on the mobile app advertising aspect – how to acquire users through advertisement for mobile app.While primarily an aspect of digital advertising, mobile advertising for user acquisition is still relatively new and due to the fast growing space it could often be a little overwhelming for people stepping into the business.

Given below is my presentation from the NGDC 2015 on Mobile App User Acquisition – Launch & Growth Strategies.

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