How Businesses Can Leverage Linkedin Company Pages

A couple of days back I wrote a post about how to use Linkedin for personal branding and yesterday, I received another email from an old client of mine asking suggestion on how he can leverage Linkedin company pages for his business. Rather than sending him an email, I thought it would be good to put up a post here that all my readers can make use of.

This article would outline a bunch of activities that you should be doing to get the most out of Linkedin company pages.

How Businesses use Linkedin

How Businesses can make the most out of Linkedin Company Pages.

Add a Banner

Linkedin company pages allow you to add a banner on top. Make full use of it, add a banner that is aesthetically pleasing and also properly exudes the nature & spirit of your business. Remember, visual appeal goes a long way and this banner is your opportunity. It is doubtful that a visitor will want to further explore the page if it doesn’t have any visual appeal.

Product Page

Linkedin Company Pages also have a page dedicated to showcase your products and services. Make sure your product page has proper content and actually lists your product and services for users to see. Here are few specifics that you should consider for the products page :

  1. Product Page Banners : Linkedin allows up to 3 banners on your product pages and you can also embed a link to each one of those. Make sure you have enticing banners that showcase your best selling products or offers and link to the relevant page on your website.
  2. Not All Products : If you are dealing with a lot of products or high value products, Linkedin is definitely not the place where transactions will happen but it is an excellent place to start a conversation. In such cases it might be wiser to display only selected products that you think will have the maximum demand and acceptance among your visitors.
  3. Offers : If lead generation is one of your objectives, you can actually create special offers targeted as Linkedin users and add them as products. For example,  as a digital marketing consultant if I would set up a Company page for myself, I can always add a product as “Free one hour consulting on how to best use Linked for Business”. What it does is that it gets more people interested in my services and as they contact me for the free consultation, it also creates an opportunity for me to convert them to paying clients.
  4. Recommendations : Social proof matters! Linkedin has provided the perfect opportunity by giving the option for users to recommend products. Once you have added your products to the product page, invite your existing customers to write recommendations about your product.

About Section

The Home section of your Linkedin Company Page gives you an opportunity to write about your company. Every company that has a page writes an About section, so give it some serious thought and make sure your “About” section is interesting enough to keep the readers digg for more. Also based on your main objective for Linkedin presence, you can customize the about section a little. For example, if your primary objective is Recuritment, you might want to talk a little more about the organization culture and what a great place it is to work at.


Updates are what keep your audience engaged to your Linkedin Page. Make sure you are posting relevant and interesting content that your followers would like to read and know about. Do not make your updates all about your promotion and advertisement – that’s one of the biggest mistakes to do. Post updates that adds value for your followers.

Here are few other specifics that you should consider in regards to posting updates :

  1. Frequency : Make sure to post at least one update everyday if not more.
  2. Variation in Updates : Linkedin now allows users to post images, links, questions etc in updates. This is a fantastic way to connect with your users. It is often seen, if relevant, people often connect and engage more with images and link compared to generic textual updates.
  3. Targeted Users : Take advantage of the “targeted users” facility. Linkedin allows you to now send customized updates to specific groups of your followers. You can now segment your followers in subgroups like employees, non-employees, vendors, customers etc and send tailor made messages to them.
  4. Employee Participation : Ask your employees to like and share the updates posted on your Linkedin Company page. This helps to increase the reach of the message manifold.
  5. Reward the follower : Organizing sweepstakes and contests are also a great way to engage your visitors
Reconverse linkedin Strategy

Reconverse used this promotion to shoot up their follower count.


Promote your Linkedin company page on your company website and also through other social platforms. It works specifically well if you reach out to your recent customers and ask them to join your Linkedin company page and you can also ask them for recommendations.

Linkedin Ads

If you are ready to spend some money, you can also make use of Linkedin ads to promote your page. That is a good and quick way to make your company present in front of your targeted audience and gain a lot of new followers.

Linkedin Page Insights

Do not ignore the Page Insights. Check the Linkedin page insights data to see the traffic trends to your Linkedin Page. Map this trends with the content posted on your page in respective dates, this will give you some cool insights on which type of content gets more attention from your audience and fuels engagement.

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