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SEMrush Review : The Best Keyword Research Tool & More

I have been using SEMRush for years now and the tool have never failed to impress me. While I have thought about writing a SEMRush review multiple times, the myriad [...]

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Why Google Adwords Keyword Planner is Not The Best Anymore ?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is probably the first tool every SEO and search marketers turns to when they think about keyword research. While Google has been incredibly helpful in providing [...]

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Google Adwords Character Limits for Expanded Ads & Best Practices

I typically do not post about standard changes in Google Adwords policies, rules and regulations as they are typically covered in details by Google and there is hardly any new [...]

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What Keywords Are My Competitors Using – This is How You Can Find

Competitor analysis is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy and when it comes to search marketing knowing what keywords your competitors are using could just [...]

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Comparative Review of Spyfu, SEMRush, KeywordSpy and Ispionage

With businesses pouring in millions of dollars into paid search and more specifically Google Adwords, Adwords competitor analysis tools are getting more and more importance today.The four major players dominating [...]

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3 Key Adwords Competitor Analysis Metrics that can Improve your Campaign

Adwords is one of the key digital marketing channels today for most businesses. While Adwords is generally pretty effective and delivers fast results compared to any other channels, advertisers must [...]

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Adwords Introduces Adgroup Level Mobile Bid Adjustment for Enhanced Campaigns

Google announced Enhanced Campaign for Adwords in February and while the change has been positioned as an upgrade to the existing Adwords system it has garnered a fair share of [...]

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5 Adwords Mistakes That Can Bleed You Dry

Google Adwords is the most commonly used paid search platform (search advertisement) and while the system is great to get a lot of clicks and conversions almost instantly, there are [...]

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Adwords is Easy to Set Up – Why Do You Still Need a Consultant?

Small businesses on the Internet are increasingly resorting to Google Adwords and with Google’s effort to rope in more and more businesses to try the service with all the free [...]

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Google Keywords Tool Now Shows Mobile Search Keywords

As I mentioned in my 7 Notable points for Internet marketers in 2011, Mobile is going to get bigger this year and it seems Google is doing everything possible to [...]