How to Optimize Your Thank You Page Design to Increase User Engagement

We all run our marketing campaigns with certain objectives – we want users to buy our products, fill up a lead form, download our white papers, subscribe to our feed or do some other action that fits into our business objective. The moment a user takes the necessary action, we try to play the courteous host and show him a Thank You message. How many of you have actually spent time thinking how your thank you page design impacts your user?

Trust me, it does!

This is one of the most neglected areas in user experience optimization and in most cases people don’t pay much heed to the thank you page and in the process loses tons of opportunity! E-commerce industry is an exception as most e-commerce websites follow up their thank you pages with complementary products and special offers trying to up sell.

Thank You Page Design

Optimize thank you page design to increase user engagement.

This attitude of negligence mainly stems from the facts..

  1. The user has already converted (your business objective fulfilled) – why do you care anymore? You assume he is going to leave your website at this point.
  2. Thank you pages are mostly dynamically generated and hidden from the search engines, so there is no SEO benefit to it.

What you fail to see in this case are..

  1. If the user has converted once, it means he has got some trust on you. Why not build up on it and make him a loyal engaged user?
  2. Thank You page may not be visible to search engines but it can still work as a gateway for your users to discover your other valuable content.

In this article, I will try to layout a few basic aspects of Thank you page messaging and show you a live example of how changing the Thank You page design significantly increased the user engagement for website.

Thank You Page Messaging

Thank You Page For Product Sales: This is already pretty well done by many e-commerce site but here’s just a refresher.

  • Address the user by his name (you got it during the checkout process)
  • Try to mention the product/ products ordered
  • Give him the expected delivery time
  • Give him your customer care number ( Yes! even if you have it up their on your header)
  • Of course, you wont forget to show him other complementary products that can make his life so much better ( and fill your kitty)

Why do all these?

  • Address him by name: establishes a connection, people feel good to be recognized, even on the Internet
  • Repeat product name: giving him a last chance to check before you ship
  • Delivery Time + Customer Care Number: Represent yourself as a responsible, committed company, gives your customer peace of mind.
  • Complementary products:  What ? Don’t you want to sell more?

Thank You Page For Lead Forms: The essential elements that should be covered in your message includes:

  • What is the next step: Is some one going to call / email him? When? Give an expected turn around time. (Respect your customer’s time, help them plan their work)
  • Provide an alternate contact info for the prospect to reach you / your sales team (what if he needs an immediate quote and can’t wait for your sales guy to call back?)
  • Depending on the industry you are, point him to some resource that further establishes your brand credibility (remember he just filled the lead form, you still need to sell)

Thank You Page for Whitepaper / E-book Download: So he is either researching the topic or trying to evaluate your knowledge/credibility in the domain. What do you give him ?

Thank You Page Design Case Study

Ok, so enough of gyan ( theoretical knowledge) and now let me show you some real numbers from an experiment I did..
(A special thanks to my employer [x]cube LABS, for the permission to publish this screenshots and stats)

Thank You Page Design Performance Statistics

Thank You Page Avg. Time on Page Exit %
Thank You Page 1 00:00:16 100%
Thank You Page 2 00:00:44 68%
Thank You Page 1 00:03:02 35%

So now you know why your Thank You page could be as important as your landing page, give it a little more thought, make your Thank You work for you.

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