Must Have Productivity Apps for a Marketing Department

If you’ve ever worked for or worked with a marketing department, you know that the list of to-dos is pretty endless. There are requests from virtually every department in a company for marketing help, from sales to HR to accounts. And sometimes it can be difficult for such an over-taxed department as marketing to manage all the workflow and meet delivery timelines efficiently. Luckily there are some productivity apps that can come in handy.

For example, for distributed marketing teams that need to collaborate across locations or even just while working at home, applications such as Zoom are irreplaceable. Tools like Canva are a lifesaver when it comes to creating content with all the images, templates, and features they offer. Similarly, SEMRush is another tool that I personally swear by when it comes to all my competitive research for SEO, SEM campaigns. They also have a pretty powerful content research tool and social media management tool in the suite.

Here’s an infographic from Salesforce Quip that shows a bunch of marketing tools and apps that are must-have for marketers.

productivity apps and tools for marketing


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