13.11.2010 in Digital Marketing, Google Adwords by 7

Does Google Bend Their Rules for Brands ?

There has always been a rumor that Google tends to offer some special privilege to the big brands – may it be in organic listings or paid search. While I […]

05.07.2009 in Paid Search, Google Adwords by 3

Strange Ad Copy for Google Adwords

Today I came across an absolutely strange Adwords ad in my Gmail interface. I am absolutely clueless why would any advertiser put up an ad like that and even if […]

02.11.2008 in Google Adwords by 2

Google Updates Adwords Quality Score Again

Google has reported in its Adwords blog that two new changes are coming to the Adwords quality score very soon. First, change is to make the quality score calculation score […]

12.08.2008 in Google Adwords by 1

Adwords Ads Shows 5 Lines of Text

This morning I noticed that Google Adwords ads are showing 5 lines of text in some cases instead of typical 4 line Adwords ads. The 5th line would mention a […]

01.06.2008 in Google Adwords by 1

Guide to Effective Ad Copy for Google Adwords

The quality of your ad copy plays a pivotal role in the success of any paid search campaign. Google Adwords uses Quality Score and most other leading PPC platforms use […]

22.05.2007 in Paid Search, Google Adwords by 5

How to Improve Your Google Adwords Quality Score?

Before we get down to the importance of Adwords Quality Score, let us first understand what is Quality Score. Though most of my readers might be already more than familiar […]