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Matt Cutts Reveals How to Rank #1 in Google

Ranking no. 1 in Google for targeted keywords is definitely the dream and objective of any and every SEO consultant, however, it has never been easy and particularly so in […]

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Google May Discount Infographic Links in Future ! Ridiculous.

Last week in an interview with Eric Enge, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google might discount Infographic links in future. To quote Matt, “if at some point in the future we […]

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Google Caffeine Update – From SEO Perspective

Google announced about its Caffeine update on 10th of this month through Google Webmaster Blog. The Caffeine update is “under the hood” at the moment and general users would not […]

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5 Effects of Google Ignoring Nofollow Based PageRank Sculpting

Recently Matt Cutts from Google made a statement in which he clearly stated that PageRank scuplting using No-follow tags will not be possible anymore and this created a strong hullabaloo […]

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How Many Links Must a Page Have Before You Call it Spammy ?

How Many Links Must a Page Have Before You Call it Spammy ?How many links should have the same anchor text before Google gives you a whammy ?Yes, and how […]

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Matt Cutts Ranks #1 for Buy Cheap Viagra Online

Another mess up by our beloved Google, Matt Cutts Blog shows up as #1 for a search on Buy Cheap Viagra Online. Click Image to enlarge What’s wrong Google ? […]