31.03.2011 in SEO, Social Media by 4

Google Plus One Likely to Effect Search Results and Quality Score

Google is adding its own version of “Like” button with the launch of +1 ( Plus One) in an attempt to make search more social. Now Google will allow users […]

20.06.2008 in Google Adwords by 0

Adwords Quality Score Includes Page Load Time

Google officially announced that page load time would be considered as a factor in Quality score of landing page for Adwords. Google used to base their Adwords quality score mainly […]

22.05.2007 in Paid Search, Google Adwords by 5

How to Improve Your Google Adwords Quality Score?

Before we get down to the importance of Adwords Quality Score, let us first understand what is Quality Score. Though most of my readers might be already more than familiar […]