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GetResponse Review: A Robust & Affordable Email Marketing Tool

Whether you want to engage your clients with a weekly newsletter or use targeted campaigns to drive conversions or to nurture not-yet-ready-to-buy audience with drip campaigns – you need an efficient email marketing platform to ably complement your marketing strategy. There are hundreds of email marketing tools – from lightweight tools that could cost you a few hundred dollars per year to the all-in-one platforms that would bill you a few thousand dollars a month.

Over the years, as a marketer, I have come across many email marketing platforms, used a few of them and also reviewed some email marketing tools in this blog. Choosing the right email marketing tool that fits your needs and budgets definitely requires some effort. There are various factors that comes into play, the rule of thumb is to understand your requirements – what is the primary use, list size, third-party integrations, budget etc., and then pick one that best suits your needs.

I heard about GetResponse before but a friend of mine recommended it again a couple weeks back. He was impressed by its pricing and features. The list of features on their website, especially the one to set-up webinars and manage it from one place, the pricing etc., was tempting enough for me to get a free trial of the software.

Email Marketing Tool Get Response Reviews

Here’s my experience with GetResponse email marketing platform.


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Instapage Review : A Comprehensive Landing Page Builder You Will Love

Landing pages are an essential part of most digital marketing campaigns and particularly for businesses investing into paid search, the success of campaigns are often highly dependent on landing pages. While conversion optimization takes the center stage in any landing page development, the ability to quickly create and test multiple landing pages is also a key challenge for most marketer.

While I have not been a big fan of landing page builders myself, the need to scale my campaigns quickly and create custom landing pages for each of my service offerings kind of pushed me to explore the options and glad that I did so.

I was looking at some of the leading landing page builders today – Instapage ( ) is one that I tried long back and was not at all happy with the platform but then I read a few positive Instapage reviews again today and decided to give the platform a shot. Lo and behold, in less than 15 minutes I had a test landing page live on my site ( including 7-8 minutes I had to spend to figure out the WordPress Integration process).

instapage review

From whatever, I have seen so far Instapage looks like a must have a platform if you need landing pages  – it’s quick, efficient and has all the features required for an enterprise grade landing page builder. Here’s my review of Instapage –


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How to Track Google Algorithm Updates

It’s been pretty long that I wrote something on SEO, though this blog was started as a SEO blog long back on good old Blogspot ( – doesn’t exist anymore) . I entered the world of digital marketing with SEO and though this days I spent reasonably more time on Adwords and various other aspects of marketing, SEO has been with me like the unforgettable first love.

SEOs have always tried to keep track of Google algorithm updates, one of the most common question discussed in every SEO forum and blog is that when did google change its search algorithm.

Google algorithm updates


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How to Stop Competitors from Clicking my Adwords Ads

While Adwords has been the most popular platform for businesses to advertise on the web, there are concerns that every advertiser has. Beyond improving campaign performance in the ever changing and highly competitive space, a common concern that many advertisers share is what if my competitors are clicking my adwords ads ? The savvy advertisers and particularly the ones with big pockets do have strong systems to identify such fraudulent clicks and also it is considerably difficult to make any difference to their campaign performance with a few competitor clicks here and there but for smaller advertisers it could be a bigger concern.I have specifically seen a lot of first time advertisers asking this questions – what if my competitor clicks my ads ? How can I stop competitors from clicking my adwords ?

While a mature advertiser or competitor would not resort to a tactic like clicking the competitor ads ( for the purpose of burning their budget, could do that to view your landing pages though).


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SEMrush Review : The Best Keyword Research Tool & More

I have been using SEMRush for years now and the tool have never failed to impress me. While I have thought about writing a SEMRush review multiple times, the myriad of features and functionalities covered by SEMRush made my lazy self felt like too much work to do. But finally now that I decided to write the review, this is going to be probably the most extensive review of SEMRush that you will ever read and to make it easier for my readers, I have broken down the review into specific sections covering each aspect of SEMRush and there are links for you to jump to those sections directly if you want to.

The best thing I like about SEMRush as a marketing professional is that while most of the features are centered around SEO & Adwords, it also covers various other aspects of digital marketing. Unlike most other tools that specialise in either SEO or Paid Search or Social media, SEMRush works like a swiss army knife and provides great value across all this.

While the review will provide a detailed understanding of the tool and how to use it best, nothing beats a first hand experience. You can always get started with a free trial of SEMRush.


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SendPulse Brings AI to Improve Email Marketing

Of all the digital marketing channels email marketing is probably one that has been there the longest and has always been a favorite of marketers both for driving revenue as well as for creating consistent brand recall. Technology has evolved over time and so did the way we approach marketing. E-commerce companies have been most successful when it comes to driving revenue through email marketing and availability of extensive consumer data, sophisticated segmentation and re-targeting mechanics makes email marketing all the more powerful. On the other end of the spectrum, B2B businesses have been using email marketing in different shapes and forms. While brand connect emails are common , most B2b businesses are investing significantly in sophisticated email automation systems for lead nurturing that can actually translate to measurable revenue. Read More >>

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Why Google Adwords Keyword Planner is Not The Best Anymore ?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is probably the first tool every SEO and search marketers turns to when they think about keyword research. While Google has been incredibly helpful in providing the tool, over the years we have also seen the tool evolve and unfortunately, it is becoming less and less helpful. It has often been discussed that the data shown in Google Adwords keyword tool is kind of skewed to push advertisers to spend more.

The latest update to the keyword planner they announced a month back, took that a level further where Google clearly discriminated against advertisers with low spend, providing them with only limited data in the keyword planner. Not just that, even for other advertisers, this “limited data” update can get triggered if you hit a certain threshold of daily searches for search volume data. Thought conveniently, Google has not specified what is the threshold number. Presumably, you can be a large spender and yet end up with limited search volume data. Read More >>

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Google Adwords Character Limits for Expanded Ads & Best Practices

I typically do not post about standard changes in Google Adwords policies, rules and regulations as they are typically covered in details by Google and there is hardly any new value to add. However, Adwords character limits for ads have undergone recent changes with Google’s introduction of the Expanded Text Ads and this could have significant impact on how they impact your campaigns. So, first let’s address the basic questions –

What Are Google Adwords Character Limits for Ads

A standard Google ad has five elements – Headline : 25 Character, 2 Description Lines : 35 Characters each, Display URL can accept upto 255 characters though only 35 characters are shown and the Final URL. It is important that your Display URL domain is same as the domain for your Final URL.

What are Google Adwords Character Limits for Expanded Ads

For an expanded text ad Google Adwords character limit has increased by 47%. Two Headlines – 30 characters each, one Description Line : 80 Characters. There is no separate field for Display URL and it is extracted from the Final URL, though you can customize the path.


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Complete Guide to Rock Your Brand on YouTube

It has been 11 years since YouTube.
It is the second largest search engine.
It is the most visited social network site on the planet.
6 out of 10 people today choose Online Video over Live TV.
46% of people today consume online video on mobile.

And yet more often than not Internet marketers use YouTube as “one more social network” rather than a powerful way of connecting and reaching their target audience. While some selective major brands have been killing it on YouTube, most others have been limited to launching their TV Ads, their product demo, an office party or an off site event. Long term commitment to strategy and brand storytelling is often missing. Here is a guide to help brands and small business to get started with YouTube the right way.


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What Keywords Are My Competitors Using – This is How You Can Find

Competitor analysis is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy and when it comes to search marketing knowing what keywords your competitors are using could just be the perfect piece of competitive intelligence that you need to beat them in their own game.

If you have searched in Google for “What keywords are my competitors using”, you definitely believe that there is a way to get that info, other than your competitor divulging the same voluntarily, (which is no less than an utopian dream). I am going to show you exactly how to find your competitors keywords for Adwords and or SEO.

Tools to Find Your Competitor’s Keywords

Finding your competitor’s keywords whether for Adwords or SEO isn’t really that difficult if you have the right tools and know how to use them right. There are only a handful of such competitor analysis tools and I particularly prefer SEMRush or Spyfu. (You can read my comparison review of Spyfu vs. SEMRush vs. Keywordspy vs. Ispionage if you want). However for the purpose of this post we will use SEMRush to show you how to find your competitor’s keywords.