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YouTube Marketing Now Stronger with Call To Action Overlay

Call-to-action overlay is one of the most recent features that have been added to YouTube keeping in mind the marketing potential of the platform and I am sure this is […]

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Press Releases Can Get Lot More than Links

Getting back links through Press Release distribution is probably nothing new to most of us who have dabbled in the space of online marketing, however, press releases can do lot […]

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How to Create Custom 404 Error Page

In my last article I discussed about the various reasons for which a website can throw a 404 error. While they are largely avoidable, with a little effort we can […]

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5 Tips on Usability

As a SEO and Internet marketing consultant I come across various clients with varied requirements and usability is probably one of the most important yet hardly ever asked question that […]

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Internet in Indian Political Campaigns – Can’t We be More Sensible?

During the US election we have seen what a pivotal role the digital media can play in political campaigns. A large part of Barack Obama’s success in the US presidential […]

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Create Google TV Ads For Free

Besides web Google has been offering TV ads for considerable time now, however, one reason that the service has probably not become that popular is due to the difficulty of […]

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Google Home Page – Evolution From 1998 to 2008

Google is finally celebrating its 10th birthday and here is a glimpse at how the Google home page has evolved from 1998 to 2008. Read more on SEO at SEO […]

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Google Withdraws Chrome Copyright Terms

I made my last post about the somewhat dodgy copyright terms for Google Chrome browser. Google has announced on last Wednesday that they plan to alter the terms and conditions […]

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Lijit – This Guys Are Different !

Not sure how many of you have already heard of Lijit or tried using it but for those who have not, here’s an introduction. Over the last few years we […]

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Knol – Wikipedia Replacement from Google ?

Google finally launched Knol on July 23rd after a long testing period. Knol is a Google product that would allow users to create pages of knowledge on any topic they […]