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Google Recommends Reputation Management

A few days back I wrote about some reputation management tips keeping in mind the increasing demand of this service and now we have a formal recommendation from Google also on such search reputation management.

With the increasing number of name searches / ego searches being on, Google sure does receive a lot of requests every day to remove negative content about people and businesses from there index; so they have now tried to address the issue with this article at Managing Your Reputation Through Search Results .

The bottom line for the entire post summarizes to three basic point

a) Be careful about what personal information you put online

b) If a negative content is published somewhere , try to remove it from the source rather than requesting Google to remove it

c) Create positive content about your self on the net to push down negative content in the search results

While point (a) is more of a common sense thing that most savvy net users do have today, point (b) in most cases might be difficult / not applicable. So the only option that you will be left with is point (c) – that is to create positive content about yourself proactively that pushes down any negative information that Google might have for you.

Check out this specific Reputation management tips that tells you the different ways and places where you can create content about yourself to maintain a stellar reputation in the Google search results.

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  • Neo
    19.10.2009 9:14 am Reply

    Hope you’re doing fine.
    Thanks for these new tips.I also want you to ask one question..I recently read that one should blog about one particular niche to attract advertisers in his blog…Is this true?
    Waiting for your warm reply.


  • 19.10.2009 9:24 am Reply

    Well, there is no hard and fast rule as such and there are many popular generic blogs that makes a lot of money through advertisement. However, blogging on a particular topic makes it easier to attract advertisers because the advertisers are sure of the target audience that they can reach through your blog.