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Height of SEO or a Google Screw Up ?

Well, am still undecided! Searched for the keyword Symbiosis Distance MBA in Google and the first result was a hard core p**n site. And further even without clicking on the link it attempts to download some malware onto your site – which looks absolutely absurd and unbelievable to me. While I can attribute the ranking for the p**n site to some out of mind SEO genius, I have no clue how is it technically possible to initiate a malware attack from the site without clicking the URL or visiting the site.
Check the screen shot for details..

When I first saw this search result, the only thing that I could think of was Google bombing, but then Google has already formally declared that they have killed Google bombing – so what is it this time ?

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  • 10.06.2010 11:00 am Reply

    Oh fack!! I just googled and freak!!! How come its happening.. any Idea Sapta?

  • 10.06.2010 11:02 am Reply

    no idea yet.. i want to visit the site ( with no other intention :p ) to see whats happening but am at work and it is already throwing malware alerts πŸ™

  • 10.06.2010 11:16 am Reply


    I think google still doesn’t has a solution for google bombing, I remembered once same case happend few years back..related to president bush…But google still has been updated since then..

  • Sandeep Choudhary
    10.06.2010 11:49 am Reply

    Something is fishy here…

    Malware attack is on firefox..

    but the browser is displayed is Google Crome!!!!!!! and no attack using crome?

    so it can be a firefox specific bug or hack…
    -Sandeep Choudhary

  • 10.06.2010 11:52 am Reply

    tried on Ubuntu 10.4 + firefox 3.6.3

    no attack no error.

    only the first result was unexpected.

    – sandeep choudharyu

  • 18.06.2010 11:57 am Reply


    It is nice post. I just googled and freak!!!


  • 11.11.2010 11:14 am Reply

    hey Roy, that post was good one, but few more works are needed in editing the screen shot, in that screen shot photoshop is shown as minimized – i dont say that screen shot is manupulated by you using photoshop.
    Plz re-edit if you read this comment

    This Brahmadas from Kerala – 9020807078 learning SEO —
    bye bye – take care