SEO Meet in New Delhi, India

By digitalSRC
Mar 4th, 2007

Like in all other fields related to computers and Internet, Indians have been contributing actively to the SEO and Internet Marketing field for some time now. However, unfortunately most of us had to remain satisfied with reading the weblogs or listening to podcasts when it came to SEO conferences. May it be SES or Pubcon, we hardly get a chance/ can afford to attend those seminars and voice our opinion.With the increasing number of Indian youth getting into SEO business, it was actually a matter of time before we had a SEO conference of our own and now it is here !!

Thanks to the organiser brigade (Vaibhav Kakkar, Pankaj Gupta, Amit Patel, Sumit Bahl, Chinmay) – all members of Digital Point SEO Forum who took the initiative to organise this meet. This SEO meet will also be attended by some of the Whos who of the SEO world :

I am done with my registration ( yet to receive a confirmation from Vaibhab) and plan to attend this SEO meet along with one of my colleague.

Like any other SEO conference, lets hope that this will also be a fantastic platform to share knowledge and sicuss ideas with like minded people while enjoying the party environment. This is probably the beginning and I am sure we can make this an annual event with increased participation and exposure.

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3 Comments to “SEO Meet in New Delhi, India”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope to see ya in the meet.


  2. Can I go there and HOW? Whats the cost for that?

  3. seo-kolkata says:

    yes, you can. Anyone who is interested to join the conference should visit their website at and click the registration tab. The registration fee is Rs.2000 or $50 .

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