Affordable Marketing Automation with ActiveCampaign

Affordable HIPAA Compliant Marketing automation

I have written about several email marketing tools like GetResponse and others before this and while some of them do have some automation capabilities they are not really a full blown marketing automation solution. In most cases, marketing automation tools are prohibitively expensive for small businesses and finding a relatively affordable marketing automation tool is no easy task. I have been researching some of the marketing automation tools recently, right from the major enterprise platforms like Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot etc to the much smaller ones. I have finally found a tool, ActiveCampaign, that is affordable as well as offers the full-blown feature set of a marketing automation platform

In fact, I noticed that MailChimp has also rolled out some marketing automation features, however, on a closer look, I felt that there is still a few miles to go. MailChimp could actually be a great tool for email automation for e-commerce companies though.

Coming back to ActiveCampaign, I will post an in-depth review of the platform very soon and probably a comparison of ActiveCampaign vs. some of the big names in marketing automation. If you are like me, looking for an affordable marketing automation platform, I would suggest you at least take advantage of the Free Trial of ActiveCampaign to test it out yourself.

In a nutshell, ActiveCampaign offers you all the necessary features of a good marketing automation platform including –

  • Lead segmentation
  • Email Automation / Drip Campaigns
  • Lead Scoring
  • Unlimited Email sending
  • Built in CRM
  • Drag and Drop Email builders
  • Email Templates
  • Subscription Forms
  • Conditional Content
  • Geo Tracking
  • In depth Reporting

While I have just mentioned the broad, most important features, there are two features that clearly stand out and makes Active Campaign a gem.

Facebook Custom Audience Integration

While the lowest package does not offer this feature, this is available right from the next tier which comes at a cost of $49/month – still pretty affordable but this feature alone can make your overall marketing automation so much more powerful.

HIPAA Compliant Marketing Automation

If you are in the healthcare business you know the importance of HIPAA compliance. To find a HIPAA compliant marketing automation tool is definitely not easy, it is even difficult to find a HIPAA compliant email marketing tool. This feature is only available for their Enterprise package but then given the importance of HIPAA in healthcare business, this is definitely one of the best solutions for healthcare businesses looking for marketing automation or even a tool to send email newsletters.

While I get the full review of Active Campaign ready, if you are on this page, I would strongly recommend taking the free trial for Active Campaign.

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