AMP Landing Page Builder Tool – Instapage Launches a Killer Feature

AMP Landing Page Builder

I have been a fan of Instapage for long and have recommended this as a landing page solution to many. In fact, I wrote a detailed Instapage review sometime back. But today I came across an update that is nothing short of a brilliant good news for any marketing professional.

Instapage is now partnering with Google to create AMP landing pages. For those of you that are still not initiated to AMP,  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a framework for publishers to create fast-loading web pages. Google announced this on October 2015 and since then more than 4 billion AMP pages have been published. In this mobile-first world, AMP is the perfect solution for delivering a fast loading, great user experience.

Building an AMP page definitely requires a decent level of technical skills and I have still not come across any landing page builder tool that supports AMP. If Instapage successfully creates this AMP landing page builder, this will enable marketers to create AMP landing pages at scale, delivering a much better user experience as well as ( hopefully) improving Adwords quality score because of the faster loading time.

Why Go for AMP Landing Pages

  • Page load time is one of the strongest reasons for a high bounce rate. With AMP landing pages load time will drastically come down, improving campaign performance.
  • As per Search Engine Journal, Conversion falls by 20% for every additional second your site takes to load.
  • Econsultancy reported, 40% of customers will leave any web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • And the biggest of all, ad spend on mobile has been steadily increasing and by 2019, 62.5%of Ad spend will happen on mobile. In such a case, as an advertiser can you afford not to optimize your mobile landing page experience?

In the mobile-first future, AMP landing page will be the default standard and not doing it will mean gambling on your conversion rate. With Instapage, you can probably have the first mover advantage, by updating your existing ones and creating new AMP landing pages.

How to Get  Access to AMP Landing Page Builder

Instapage as a platform is highly intuitive and extremely easy to use and integrate into your marketing stack. While this feature for AMP landing pages has not yet been launched officially they have opened up the cue for an early access. You can request early access to Instapage AMP landing page builder here.

Image Courtesy : Instapage.

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