Marketing Today – My Presentation at SKASC National Conference

Last week I had an invitation from SKASC college in Coimbatore to do a guest lecture at their two-day National Conference on Business Processes. This is a two day even organized by the college where they invite over 40 speakers across India and couple other countries, from different industries to come and deliver lectures on industry trends ad insights to the students. I had very short notice to prepare and wasn’t very sure of the audience profile, so thought it would be better to talk about the overall trends in marketing and its changing context rather that diving into the details of specific digital marketing channels.

I wanted to leave a clear message for the students and help them understand how modern marketing has moved away from being interrupting broadcast nature to a very personalized and contextual mode and the underlying factors enabling this change.

While the presentation doesn’t do justice to itself without the narration, I hope this would give you at least a broad understanding of the message. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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