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SEO Jokes – A Collection of 30 Jokes That Only SEO’s Can Appreciate

Though SEO is a very serious aspect of any business’s marketing strategy, we SEOs are mostly nice people with a good sense of humor. In our day to day job […]

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Why Content is King – Though You Can’t Build the Empire without Links

In this blog though I have written on a wide variety of SEO topics including a bunch of link building techniques and tips I have rarely talked about Page Rank. […]

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Google Plus One Likely to Effect Search Results and Quality Score

Google is adding its own version of “Like” button with the launch of +1 ( Plus One) in an attempt to make search more social. Now Google will allow users […]

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Google Keywords Tool Now Shows Mobile Search Keywords

As I mentioned in my 7 Notable points for Internet marketers in 2011, Mobile is going to get bigger this year and it seems Google is doing everything possible to […]

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What Rates do you Expect from a SEO Consultant in India ?

Well, this is kind of a rant post and am not sure how much value you will derive from it but I presume if you are reading this, next time […]

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3 SEO Predictions for 2011

First of all a very Happy New Year to all my readers! May this New Year bring in a lot of SEO and Internet marketing success for all of you! […]

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How Google Instant Affects SEO and PPC

I have been watching the launch of Google Instant and keeping a tab on the updates and predictions on the web, based on what I see here are few points […]

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SES San Francisco 2010 Photos

Here are few photos from Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Francisco, I haven’t yet got the time to put all the photos together, here are just a few of […]

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SES San Francisco 2010 Day 3 Live Update

Keynote by Tim Nash to begin in another 15 mins or so, waiting for it to begin. Will post live updates through Twitter @rishi3211us and also in this blog. Stay […]

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SES San Francisco Day 2 Updates

Waiting for the keynote to start.. follow me on twitter @rishi3211us to get the live updates – will live tweet SES San Francisco, 2nd day.   SES San Francisco Day […]